Sihala police fail to control rising crime

Murder, kidnapping, robbery, incidents on rise


Ejaz Cheema


Sihala police have failed to provide security to residents as murder, attempt to murder, kidnapping, robbery and theft, car-lifting and street crimes are constantly rising with each passing day. During the last over eight months, 428 cases were registered by the Sihala police, almost 80 percent higher than the last year. At the Sihala Police Station, 50 police personnel are deployed, who have failed to arrest 88 proclaimed offenders and 195 court absconders despite registering cases against them.

Sources said that a number of drug dens and trafficking centers are being run by organised gangs by offering monthly extortion sum to the police officials.

The sources said that dozens of cases of land occupation have occurred but the police have failed to take action against the mafia.

The residents said that they have approached the police to take action against various mafias but their complaints have fallen on a deaf ear.

According to the sources, several areas including Kahuta Road, Model Town and Rawat have become almost go-areas for the citizens.

The sources said that the criminals were operating with the alleged connivance of the police.

The sources claimed that SHO Sub-inspector Mirza Gulfraz has allegedly converted the police station into a business centre as police personnel continue to collect the extortion money from the criminals and mafias.

Repeated attempts were made to get the version of the SHO, however, he refused to entertain the request.