Sorry state of affairs: Future of Pakistan media in doldrums 

Those at the helm of the affairs need to rescue the future of media and journalism in Pakistan



Given the current sorry state of affairs the ship of media in Pakistan seems destined to sink.

This Mayday call was given by Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry, while addressing a ceremony in the federal capital recently.

These remarks expose the mental stress the interior minister is going through and reflective of the thinking of a defeated sailor.

It seems that instead of attempting to rescue those on board the sinking ship he is mentally preparing all those on board of the impending doom.

Not only this but what was said by Fawad Chaudhry also implied that saving the boat was not his responsibility, instead it were those on board who were responsible for the sinking of the ship.

I would not have been surprised if this speech was delivered by some other minister.

It would not have surprised me if Imran Khan had delivered this speech.

What is embarrassing for me is that Fawad Chaudhry as information minister is captain of Pakistan’s media “Titanic” and it is his national responsibility to rescue this ship from sinking.

Fawad said media owners would have to change their business model and government could not give them business of more than 60 to 65 per cent.

He had said that it was not for the government to spend public money to bail out private businesses.

The information minister had said that such drastic change would take place in the next 10 to 15 years that all media would get absorbed by a mobile phone.

He warned that until and unless journalism and media studies departments innovate thousands of students would fail to find employment in the future.

Fawad also said in a press conference that there was no need to use cameras in such a large number at a press conference.

Only one camera should be used and all should share it.

Citing Google and Facebook as examples, the information minister had advised media owners to restructure their business models keeping in view the changing environment.

I regret that the information minister is not able to comprehend a basic issue.

No country in the world including Pakistan can commit the mistake of handing over its existence and reins to the global imperialistic powers. Indian media is more powerful and aggressive than Pakistani media.

The philosophy of globalisation, which has enormously impressed our information minister, will mean that we will become victim of Indian hegemony.

The world for us is very limited as compared to India. World will either change you like itself or eliminate your identity.

Then you will neither remain Muslim nor independent.

The white-skinned people for the last several centuries are habitual of enslaving dark-skinned people and utilising their resources.

Without doubt when economic situation in the country will improve then prosperity will come to the country.

But media will even then need protection in Pakistan because it is directly linked to national integrity and ideological solidarity.

No one else can do this job on their own without media.

I say it with high degree of sagacity that even if the government gives 100 per cent business to media even then it is not a matter of loss.

Only control, administration and utilisation matter.

Influence of outside negative forces on fully independent media cannot be brushed aside.

We are not a large enough political, economic and world power that we should let ourselves loose in the ocean of globalisation.

We will sink instead of swimming in this ocean. We will not be able to protect our culture.

The minister said if we are stronger then we will be able to protect our culture.

At least 125,000 Prophets were sent down but the humanity kept on straying repeatedly.

Our last Prophet (PBUH) set guidelines for us. The ulema of that time and rulers were assigned the responsibility of imparting training to the people persistently.

Even then we went astray. The reason behind it is this, that evil is present everywhere and it continues to yield effects.

Pakistani media is the best channel for providing guidance and training at present.

We are not strong. No one has done any work to make us stronger. We were always left at the mercy of circumstances.

If media is deprived of state patronage, which is not only in the perspective of business then where the situation turns, no one will be able to rein over it.  US is ruling all over the world now and the real force behind it is only media.

Propaganda blitz by CNN and BBC shakes the entire world.

Ajmal Kasab’s example is before us that we could not counter the blow of Indian media.

The main reason behind it is weak Pakistani media.

Indian media enjoys full support of the state.

Therefore, their propaganda is recognised and acknowledged all over the world.

In 2018, it was proved that Ajmal Kasab held an Indian domicile.

But India emerged triumphant in the media war. In terms of our internal affairs, we cannot even control Maulvi Khadim Hussain Rizvi.

It creates stir in Pakistan if a false report is published in foreign media.

Sanity warrants that we should not cow down before the glitz of cameras or freedom of expression be left at the mercy of world powers.

The freedom of expression should be interpreted on correct lines and it should be implemented with full force.

Unrestrained freedom does not suit ideological state like Pakistan.  And if government support remains no more than other sources will have to be explored.

Pakistani media should not be left at the mercy of someone else.