Cabinet to decide fate of GB today




Federal cabinet will take decision to make Gilgit-Baltistan a temporary province with more powers.

Federal cabinet will meet today Thursday at prime minister’s office to discussed eight-point agenda.

An important pint will be the reforms process in GB; Minister for Kashmir and GB Affairs Ali Amin Gandapur will present his ministry’s proposals to make GB a temporary province.

Gandapur views a provisional GB province with powerful additional responsibilities.

Sources say that GB couldn’t be given full status of a province under the UN Resolution and if cabinet decides to make GB a provisional or temporary province then they will have to present the constitutional amendment in parliament. At the moment PTI government didn’t had the two thirds majority to pass such an amendment.

Final decision in this regard will be taken today in the cabinet meeting sources told ‘Daily Morning Mail’. The cabinet will also approve the next phase of fencing and lighting on the