VIP culture



As PTI rose to power, it was backed by the masses, who threw their weight behind it. An overwhelming number of these voters belong to Pakistan’s white collar urban middle class which has become the core support base of the party and helped it win the 2018 elections. Hence, it is no surprise that PTI ended up articulating their political concerns. The dominant political concerns among this class are “corruption”, “patriotism”, “governance” and the end of the so-called “VIP culture”. Many PTI supporters and leaders often raise these issues on social media and are often judging leaders of other parties with excessive harshness for exploiting their power, and encouraging the VIP culture. Therefore, it is extremely ironic, when PTI is found doing the same. A recent data presented in the Punjab Assembly shows that Governor Punjab ChSarwar tops the list of getting VIP protocol in Punjab. More than 100 police personnel are at his disposal 24/7. Nevertheless, it is not the first time PTI has failed to compile with its promise of ending VIP culture. President ArifAlvi in recent months has also brought many provincial capitals to a standstill as well.

Democracy is of the people, by the people and for the people.However, often people are forgotten, when it comes to the whims and fancies of the powerful. The factor of VIP in Pakistan is wide-spread. It wipes out the idea of equality and creates an unbalanced atmosphere among citizens. A very small group of society enjoys special privileges and protocols as they are escorted by police gunmen and bodyguards. VIP culture should be no more flourished in Pakistan as it generates a status difference among the citizens. VIP trends in Pakistan have been a matter of concern for the common people.

The universal fact of VIP culture that everyone has to face is the roadblocksr and long traffic jams till that person reaches at his destination safe and sound. The long wait is very torturous for many people. Ambulances are also stuck in this traffic and patients have to face hurdles while reaching the hospitals, other people rushing to their places of work and many students have their exams are also getting into this trouble. In this country, lawmakers are the biggest law breakers too. Our class structure produces VIPs and VVIPs. Politicians, bureaucrats, big businessmen, people from civil and military establishment are a “class” in itself. Even if by chance they go to jail, there are VIP barracks and VIP rooms with all the facilities including servants. This trend in Pakistan has to change now. A common man wants the public representatives and government officials to go through the process when they have to wait in long hour traffic jams. Now the time has come when all the citizens of Pakistan are treated equally in terms of the law. This is a huge slap on the face of PTI, who promised to eradicate this menace. We as a nation have to work as a cohesive force to bring some vital changes in this country’s governance.