Metro Train– the other side


It is ironic to note that work remained suspended on the Orange Line Metro Train Project for almost eight months due to a ban imposed by the Lahore High Court, which was set aside by the Supreme Court in December 2017. Since then, the SC has been asking the authorities to complete the project within stipulated time. During the recent hearing, the SC has not only lauded the project but also termed it a gift for the people of Lahore.

The project does have unlimited benefits for the common man in Lahore but every now and then one or the other group is seen opposing the metro train on the basis of their personal motives. No doubt they are entitled to their views, but do they ever see the benefits a metro train can bring to a crowded city like Lahore. It is the first of its kind project in the history of Pakistan and needs to be supported by all. In fact, there will be a need of more such trains to accommodate millions of passengers in the near future. The mass transit system like metro train has been declared one of the best public transport systems in the world. It not only helps ease congested streets but also offers lucrative business opportunities. Like other developed parts of the world, common citizens in Lahore also deserve clean, quite and air-conditioned public transport system.

The electric trains will reduce traffic congestion, air and noise pollution in the vicinity of the most prominent monuments. In order to make an operating profit, non-ticket resources like establishment of commercial buildings, restaurants, educational and training centres as well as recreational parks along the route can be the best options. Besides, advertisements on the Metro route and commercialization of metro stations can be a great source of revenue. After completion, the route will ensure easy access for visitors to heritage sites like Shalamar Gardens that would help attract tourists from across the country and abroad.

Amid accelerating urbanisation and growing concerns about pollution, there is a desperate need for mass urban transport solutions in big cities. Travelling across Lahore during peak hours is a struggle for many because of heavy traffic jams. Besides a large number of people are migrating from rural areas of Punjab to Lahore that needs an efficient transport system.

Metro projects also offer business and job opportunities related to various sectors that can help curtail the unemployment rate. The Chinese government has made huge investment for the project that can herald an era of prosperity and it should not go waste. World over, the Metro Rail System has proven to be most efficient in terms of energy consumption, space occupancy and numbers transported. Besides, it involves very low ground space occupation – two meter width only for elevated rail and can ensure hassle free faster journey. Already, Metro train revolutionised mode of transportation everywhere in the world.

These are operating successfully in New York, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo, UAE, New Delhi and now it is Lahore’s turn to have a modern public transport system in a bid to minimise traffic woes and usher in new era of best-commuting facilities to people.