Travel safe



Road accidents cause more deaths than does terror activities in a country such as Pakistan, many researches argue. According to a Pakistan Bureau of Statistics document, in 2016-17 alone as many as 9,582 accidents occurred, killing no less than 5,047.

Last Wednesday, at least 13 people were burnt to death and six others were critically injured in a collision between a passenger coach and a pickup van on the Indus Highway near Karak in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province.

As per reports, the CNG cylinder fixed in the van exploded after the collision, resulting in deaths and burns.

The issue of substandard gas kits is as old as the introduction of this mode of propelling the vehicle engines in this country. Many lives have been lost. Much has been said yet we remain where we were: vulnerable as ever due to slack enforcement of safety measures.

Such accidents are avoidable. OGRA, the body responsible for ensuring enforcement should step in to do the needful.

As for the poor road infrastructure, vehicles roadworthiness and observing the traffic rules on the part of citizens are concerned, a lot needs to be done. People need to be sensitized on the importance of road safety and compliance of traffic rules in order to avoid these ever-rising road accidents.

The traffic rules should be made part of the school curricula so that from an early stage of life people take precaution and value life.

After the Karak incident, police was reported to have said that further investigation into the incident was underway. In all likelihood it is going to be another investigation that will not see the light of the day. And if at all it does, nothing concrete will come out of it to prevent future such accidents. The said phrase is probably said for the sake of just saying it.

The citizens as well as government would do well to head this tragedy and do their respective duties towards making travel safe or God forbid we will be mourning another such tragedy in not too distant a future which will be investigated into once again but in futility.