Overseas Pakistanis expecting big change in system

They say FBR and Ease of doing Business (SECP-BOI) & Tourism need to be addressed



Prime Minister Imran Khan will attend world Summit in Dubai 10 Feb Sunday, and address business community. Ruler of UAE especially Shaikh Rashid Al Maktoum is a visionary leader and he always want to see UAE No.1, at the same time Luckily Pakistan got Visionary Prime Minister who want Emerging Pakistan and respect of Pakistani Nation in the world.

We spoke with overseas Pakistanis and according to them, Pakistan need some immediate changes in system i.e bureaucratic behaviour, taxation , and rule of law, Hopefully prime minister will learn their Economic department system, business Licensing , UAE Road & Transport system,

A very good thing everyone knows about Shiekh Muhammad Rashid al Maktoum. He always encourage entrepreneurs, he always get a time to hear New Ideas, that the reason in every Exhibition in world trade center Dubai  you will find H.E Shiekh Muhammad Rashid Al maktoum to inaugurate and visiting business Stalls with his economic team.

At the other hand in Pakistan we have entirely different system, a very difficult task to invite any cabinet ministers in such kind of activities even in Capital of the Country. Their Protocol and lot of thing especially a very Funny Question from every minister you will be asked, who is chief guest, in ceremony.

Every minister wants to chief guest of such summit, ceremony, and exhibition, and even our cabinet avoid on panel discussion as well.

Hopefully prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan will learn from UAE their Roads and Transport system, as they have Parking fee, line discipline fines and much more, they have business License economics department.

Overseas Pakistanis says Prime if Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan Focus only on Islamabad and succeed to give some initial changes only in Islamabad every Pakistani will Appreciate his all actions and will conceive Naya Pakistan.

For example we don’t have proper Road Lines, foot paths and even we don’t have concept of pedestrian’s way.

In Pakistan there is no Concept of Business License millions of Groceries, Laundries and much more are opened without any license and they even don’t know how to pay TAX. In UAE everyone need license, there is huge fine to work without license We will write better opinion for Government of Pakistan in next write up, lets discuss on Naya Islamabad means Naya Pakistan.

Capital Development Authority is Government Department, when any Road Construction company wins any bid from CDA hopefully winning company also gave any commitment to put proper Signs, Yellow and White line, pedestrians line, signals and even Parking slots and proper lines outside of building and houses, as everyone knows there is no white, yellow lines even in sector F-6,7,8,9 10 and Parallel sectors.

Citizen of Islamabad every day see one post from Islamabad traffic Police, we are putting fines on line discipline violators. Requested to Prime Minister Of Pakistan kindly learn some lines from Dubai Summit and implement something new in Islamabad and entire Pakistan, especially Behaviour of bureaucrats’ need to be addressed.