Sahiwal massacre: Firing from inside vehicle is sheer police lie: Eyewitness



Staff Report


Son of the killed man and eyewitness of the Sahiwal incident Umair in his written statement to Joint Investigation team said that police officials opened fire three times at their vehicle.

He said there is no truth in this that anyone from inside or outside their vehicle or from motorcycle opened fire at police.

Umair said that he along with his mother, father, elder sister Ariba and younger sister Hadia came out of the house at 8 o clock in the morning however when they reached Qadir Abad someone behind us opened firing after which vehicle  stopped after hitting footpath.

He said two police mobiles stopped near their vehicle and some armed masked men first killed his uncle, Zeeshan.

He said after that police officials stopped firing and talked to someone at phone.

He said his father beseeched police officials’ that they can take anything they want but they should not kill them.

He said   just after phone call ended, police officials signaled to his police fellows and they opened fire again as a result his father, mother and sister died.

Umair said that his father had hidden Muniba and his mother had hidden him and Hadia beneath their knees before their death.

Umair said after firing, police officials pulled out him and his two sisters from inside the vehicle and they again fired upon vehicle. They took us with them.

In a deserted place I and Muniba kept on crying due to pain from bullet injuries and in the meantime one uncle left us at a petrol pump. Police returned, huddled us in their vehicle and left us in hospital, he stated.

According to Umair, it is false that any terror related arms were recovered from the vehicle or anyone inside the vehicle opened fire. Those who had issued orders for firing were in contact with policemen involved in firing.

It is vital to mention here that Umair statement is totally in conflict with the statement of arrested CTD officials who during investigation claimed that they didn’t open fire at the vehicle.

Arrested CTD personnel identified as Safdar, Ramzan and Saif Ullah said that people sitting in the vehicle were killed by the firing of motorcyclists.