CDA’s vehicles being used without authorization



Rafique A Siddiqui


The number of vehicles of Capital Development Authority (CDA), were being used by officials without authorization as this unlawful practice has paid great financial damage to national exchequer.

The inner sources stated that CDA enforcement department officials were allegedly used these vehicles for loading on off hours. Sources they loaded different material including concrete, furniture and other hard material in these vehicles without any check and fear.

The department was facing the burden of petrol, diesel and maintenance of these vehicles. Sources stated that department drivers were doing this offense with the connivance of the high-ups.

Sources further disclosed they illegal used these vehicles in the rural areas of Federal capital like Tarlai, Ali Pur Farsh, Taramri and other areas. Sources stated that CDA enforcement department vehicle GE 685ICT was being witnessed number of time of loading and unloading of private shops material.

When ‘Daily Morning Mail’ contacted to Safdar Shah the Director and stockperson of CDA, he expressed concern over the situation and stated that department would take strict against those who involved in this ugly practice.