Weekly Reflections: His Highness-the crown prince as savior of humanity



Dr Abdul Saboor


The hearts of Pakistanis always live in the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina. In this respect, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is the first home of Pakistanis exactly in the same way as Pakistan is the second home of Saudis. The Nation cannot forget the golden words of King Faisal (The Martyr), “we can live on Date and Qahwa but would not let Pakistan weaker”. There is unconditional and unmatchable love and respect in the hearts of our people here for the Royal Family of Al-Saud dynasty who is actually protector of the Two Sacred Mosques. The extent of this affection springing from the core of our hearts is not less than that of the people living in KSA.


We have been providing magnanimous love and humble prays for Saudi Arabia while the Kingdom has been showering the wealth of oil and affection. One can recall such beautiful gestures we witnessed at the occasions of sanctions against experimental nuclear explosion of 1998 and devastating earthquake of 2005. At any situation of political turmoil and economic trial like the one we are confronting these days, Saudi Arabia has been in the forefront to offer a graceful and safe passage to Pakistan. Once again a good fortune is knocking at our door and in return, nothing is being demanded except that Pakistani leadership should show more maturity.


The young Crown Prince, His Excellency, Muhammad Bin Salman with superb intellectual capabilities has certainly emerged a popular royal celebrity. He has harvested new dreams and hopes particularly among youngsters of the Arab World by making a paradigm shift in the conventional thought of his predecessors. His Vision 2030 is a remarkable road map for the socio-economic development of his country. This is not merely a change in thought but the whole political and diplomatic course of the world towards contemporary KSA has been changed. Uncle Sam’s way of taking Saudi Arabia is now different from what she has been confronting since long. It is due to genius of this dynamic young leader that the image of KSA has been elevated not only among European nations but also in Asian countries like that of China who is now in strong diplomatic and trade ties with her. The Crown Prince has opened new pages of history by demonstrating peace and harmony and by making the world realized that extremism has nothing to do with Islam.


As a liberal and rational thinker, Crown Prince has very deep understanding of national and international affairs of this contemporary world. The depth of his vision is both horizontal as well as vertical. It is horizontal in the way of expanding his Vision 2030 beyond boundaries. It is also vertical in the sense that he is making comprehensive, natural and universal image of Islam as savior of humanity. He spends around 18 hours in work to settle the state affairs on modern lines and to explore ways and means for expanding diplomatic ties with the world. His approach to visualize the state affairs is both multidimensional in narratives and multidisciplinary in output. His diplomatic strategies towards Arab and non-Arab world are quite synchronized. He has realized that in order to create unity among humanity, a great deal of harmony needs to be activated first among the Muslims in the world. And then to maintain this unity on sustainable basis, a soft harmony needs to be charged among the general masses. To him, unity within Ummah would create universal unity among whole mankind across space and time.


Given the geo-strategic position of her country, Pakistan can reap benefits of the liberal strategies of this emerging leader of the world. Pakistan can gauge diplomatic, economic, financial, social, and spiritual benefits from the dedicated and dynamic leadership of the Crown Prince. In the field of higher education, new initiatives of common and multilateral interests may be taken up for the welfare of humanity. Some sub-campuses of the prestigious Medina University can be opened in Pakistan where world renowned scholars may visit who otherwise are not allowed to enter into Holy City of Medina. Holy Quran and Holy Prophet Chairs should be nominated in all major universities of the country where not only national but international scholars of any religious background could be invited. Research and Development Centers of Excellence may be established in some cities of Pakistan particularly across CPEC. The dream of leading the world and truly becoming savior of humanity, the standards of education would have to be enhanced by promoting R & D through intellectual attention and reasonable funding.


If His Highness, the Prince Crown, is really interested (and we are optimistic that he is) in earning a commendable name among all religions and sects of each religion in the world through helping mankind, he may make a comprehensive strategy for intra-faith and inter-faith harmony. There is no doubt that he has marvelous leadership guts and enlightened vision to dilute the conflict and crisis through engagement of and negotiation with the ‘scholarly deprived’ communities particularly in the Asian and Arab World. For that matter, a high level council of world renowned intellectuals may also be established for workable solutions. By creating a unity among Muslims, though apparently seems to be quite tough if not impossible, he can turn the world to the track of reformation and welfare of humanity. The nomenclature of his Vision 2030 may be expanded not only in terms of subject matter but also replicated from national boundaries to international jurisdictions.


There is more liberal and opening up policies of KSA for the skilled labour and business community to attract investment in the country in the sectors of education, infrastructure and health. The entry of this country in the new diplomatic corridors of India and China may help them in strengthening the economic relationship between these two countries. Pakistani business community will have to settle its trade ties on the basis of these changing scenarios so that a good proportion of Saudi markets could be captured for their products. This would also be beneficial for Pakistan to promote the ongoing projects of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) on the one hand and to settle the long pending Kashmir issue on the other hand. For that matter, we will have to strengthen the Commercial Wing of our embassy in KSA. Business and economic strength is a pre-requisite for creating diplomatic strength and thus chasing peace.


At one occasion, the Crown Prince remarked that Pakistan lives in our hearts, and that his own heart starts weeping in blood when there is an allegation of terrorism on Islam. The western world has been endeavoring hard to create rift among the Muslim countries and even within some specific sects of a single country. With the emergence of wise leadership in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey, one can hope that now it would not be as easy for any Secret Agency to sabotage the real efforts of peace and calm as initiated by Muhammad Bin Sulman as was the case in the unfortunate history of mankind. We are quite optimistic that the visit of His Highness Prince Crown in this country is the continuity of strong diplomatic ties between the two countries in general and among Muslim World in particular. We are very near to materialize the dream of Allama Muhammad Iqbal Aik Hon Muslim Haram kee Pasbani kaliay.


A lot of efforts have been made to minimize this respect for the Custodian of Holy Mosques. A lot of funding is still chipped in for defacing the sacred image of Royal Family of KSA and the emerging headship of the Crown Prince but like always, water and milk would easily be separated when the history of this new world is drafted and when the peace efforts of new leadership is crafted. Now the responsibility lies on all of us including top leadership at all levels in Pakistan. If there is any fabricated story narrated by some funded media against any Muslim country particularly of Saudi Arabia, we must rationally probe the purpose of those cooked stories. This is very important as quite an educated elites sometimes become victim of odd news clips and fake items of social media.


Allah has promised to protect His House, Kaaba. He makes a protection of His house through His people to whom He has special love and affection. The royal authorities of Al-Saud Family, being custodian of Holy Cities, are providing security and sanctuary on the very Will of Allah Almighty for which they deserve to be honored all over the world. We should not forget the core lesson that a strong Saudi Arabia is a guarantee of a strong Pakistan, a cohesive Muslim Ummah and ultimately a harmonized humanity.



Dr Abdul Saboor is Professor of Economics and Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, PMAS Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi