Punjab govt approves 65 mini dams for Pindi Division



Staff Report


The Punjab government has accorded approval to construct 65 mini dams to supply water to Rawalpindi division.

These mini dams will be constructed at the cost of Rs 39 million. As many as 20 mini dams will be built in Rawalpindi city 73 mini dams were built during        PML-N government in Rawalpindi division.

Agriculture department Punjab decided to construct dams and hand over them to the farming community for cultivation of land. As many as 200 applications were received in agriculture department Rawalpindi while 66 applications have been approved.  Rs 6 lac will be provided by the government and Rs 4 lac will be spent by the farmers for construction of mini dam.  These mini dams were given the names of water ponds.

Funds have also been allocated for construction of these 65 mini dams.