Intellectual Spark of Our Youth


Dr. Abdul Saboor,

Pakistan should be proud of her youth who have always been in the forefront in making a good
name and true fame for the nation. Blessed is the soil of this country where our young boys and
girls are growing up though in huge crisis, deprivation and poverty but there is much potential
among them for delivering success stories in all walks of life. Even in situations of high
frustration and disappointment, they never go into the domain of hopelessness. They fight
against the onslaught of circumstances bravely and gracefully. Obviously the credit goes to some
intellectuals and thinkers of this country both in academia and literary domains who keep the
hope alive among youth. It is also due to the reasons that a typical value system based on strong
family ties provides boost to the young chaps. Allah’s special blessings have been showering on
this nation where there is spirit of sacrifice among youngsters who really want to do
magnanimous struggle for their country. Truly speaking, youth is the real hope for New Pakistan.
There is no denying the fact that several attempts have been made to sabotage the real efforts and
potential of our youth. Politicians try to exploit them for achieving their own vested interests.
Some religious organizations and sects divert their focus to odd targets of life. Imported
education systems charged by impracticable philosophies are generally launched to dilute their
intellectual and intuitive capabilities. Capitalism is ruining their economic dreams while
democracy-cum-dictatorship is wiping out their cognitive spark. During the last seven decades,
many a governments could not deliver them as per desired hopes and as per their hidden
potential. Even a very weak governance system could not harm them and hinder them from
doing well for the society. Every one tried to break the dreams of our youth. Even foreign hand
could not get result of its dirty purposes. The world has to accept the fact finally that young
Pakistanis cannot be defeated in any front though efforts are still going on.
There are certain other tactics through the agency of which young generation is being ruined and
spoiled. They are being provided a kind of education and research environment in which
innovative thinking is discouraged. No appreciation is given; no recognition is provided for the
efforts of knowledge creation. The slow poison of immorality and immodesty is being vaccinated
through dramas, movies, cultural shows and advertisements. As morality is the strength of males
so modesty is the power of females. Such kinds of powers and strengths of our youth are being
snatched very chronically through ant-cultural and anti-social moves.
In the race of being more empowered, the young generation is camouflaged into weak and
sluggish routes of life. Moreover, the lust for money and material things is intentionally being
incorporated in the moral system which may register nothing but frustration among the youth.
When the greed for becoming rich and that too within a night is installed among them, whole
their intellect is rusted. All out efforts are being made to hide all kinds of truths from youth. The
core reality is the intellectual treasure of young generations which can make a revolution in the
field of science and technology. All cultural attacks and social wars are paradoxically meant to
nullify this core reality.

In this war, sometimes it happens that young persons are declared heroes by offering certain
awards and scholarships, and thus their potential is tactfully exploited for achieving some hidden
vested interests which never go in the favour of Pakistan. They should believe that foreign
funded projects, loan schemes of IMF and World Banks and policy package of the West coming
in the name of development has nothing to do anything positive for the real economic
development of the country. The more our youth become victims of their treacheries, a weaker
Pakistan springs up. But the west can not realize this fact that the weaker the Pakistan is, the
stamina and strength of young Pakistanis would further be improved. Now the onus lies with
social, economic, religious and political leaders sitting at top echelons how they create success
story from the intellectuals sparks of the budding generation.
As a last card, the fifth generation war has been started to confuse the mind of youth through
fabricated stories, controversial audio and videos. A huge chunk of money is being plugged in
against the state organs as being aired in electronic media. Non-issues are being highlighted to
divert the youth away from real issues. Some confusion is being created regarding Two Nation
Theory. Research is being funded to explore something odd against the political philosophy of
Muhammad Ali Jinnah and spiritual philosophy of Allama Muhammad Iqbal, and thus against
the ideology of Pakistan. But as it happened in the previous four generation wars, youth has
enormous potential to respond the oddities of fifth generation war with brilliance and excellence.
They have marvelous guts, unmatchable anywhere in the world, to create opportunities from
hectic challenges. They need urge and encouragement; they need a level play field for
materializing their dreams.
This is undoubtedly a golden era in the history of Pakistan when youth bracket is the largest in
the world with enormous potential of devotion and dedication but only if opportunities are
created for them in the very domain of their choices. Our youth must keep an eye on the fact that
the World acknowledges their intellectual spark but their potential is tried to be capitalized for
meeting some secret ends of the West. Various kinds of exploitations can be witnessed. Young
bureaucrats, military men and public servants of various sectors of life need to be trained and
sensitized for the reality that they may be camouflaged by diverting their attention and energies
to non-issues and to those development projects not suitable for the socio-economic development
of the country.
Irrespective of any religious and political affiliations; any caste and creed, Youth Intellectual
Clubs should be constituted at district and sub-district levels in the country where they could be
engaged in the incubation of nation building ideas. Social, cultural and literary activities may be
conducted in these clubs. There may be provincial and national structure of these clubs all
connecting to another. Similarly, the Scouting and Girl Guide movements should be strengthened
in schools, colleges and universities by reorganizing its traditional structure and by involving
private sector. We will have to think beyond optional choice of being part of these movements.
Participation in these movements should be compulsory and incentivized. International
collaboration may be sought for activating such kinds of movements.
Whether we want to give an intellectual direction to our young boys and girls or we let them
swinging in the air to be vulnerable and played by anyone for his own interests. Choice is ours.
Given the fact that youth has enormous potential to deliver any kind of success story in any walk

of life, great deals of informal trainings are required to help them exploring themselves through
self exploring activities. In such capacity building programmes to be regularly arranged in the
proposed Youth Intellectual Clubs, they should be encouraged for reaping their potential rather
than dictating them to do the same abnormal things we have been doing. A high level of maturity
and morality needs to be demonstrated on the part of top leadership. They should be motivated
for recognizing the divine kind of leadership qualities imprinted in them and embossed in their
hearts. They should be urged that they can do anything positive of their own choice with their
noble brain and body. Once that human power is realized, no one can stop our youth to create
miracles. This would be the real change the fruit of which can be realized down the road to