33,450 challaned on traffic rules violations in February





City Traffic Police (CTP) has issued 33,450 challan tickets worth of Rs19.5 million fine on traffic rules violators in February.

According to the CTP spokesman on Monday, traffic police under a campaign impounded 835 vehicles and 1,540 motorcycles in various police stations of the district on severe traffic rules violations while a number of drivers were also arrested during the period.

He said action in accordance with the law was taken against 10,833 bikers for not using safety helmets.

As many as 1,048 vehicles for having tinted glasses were challaned and black papers were removed on the spot.

The 1,740 drivers of vehicles and motorcycles for not having proper documents were penalized.

Similarly, 1,480 on wrong parking and 976 drivers for dangerous driving were fined. 1158 Public Service Vehicles on violation of their designated routes and route permits were challaned. 831 under age drivers were also fined.

The 1,446 drivers on use of mobile phones while driving were penalized. 2252 motorists without driving licenses were issued challan slips in February. 832 on charge of creating hurdles in smooth flow of traffic on city roads were imposed fines while 2210 drivers on violations of traffic signals, lane, line, zebra crossing and others were issued challan slips by traffic regulators of CTP.

Special campaigns were also run last month while under a campaign, the citizens were also being educated regarding traffic rules and road safety, he said adding Education Wing of Traffic Police was making efforts to spread awareness so that the road journey could be made safe and sound.