Free of cost medicines available in govt hospitals





Around 451 kinds free of cost medicines are being provided to the patients in the government-run hospitals across the province.

Dr Nasir Mehmood who has the additional charge of Medical Superintendent Benazir Bhutto Hospital said on Monday that 100% free of cost medicines were being given to patients in Emergency, Intensive Care Unit(ICU) Coronary Care Unit(CCU) and Gynecology Labor room.

He further told that ratio of medicines provided to new born baby mother’s in the Gyne ward was 50%. while the indoor patients admitted in the hospital avail the facility  at the proportion of 80%.

In out-door patient department, the medicines which are not included in the government scheduled list  the patients had to purchase it on  their own resources, he added.

Dr Nasir said that facility of CT scan was also being provided to the patients visiting the hospital free of cost  while hospital charged nominal fee from those who came from outside.

He said that MRI test of the patients admitted in the hospital was carried out from Holy Family Hospital free of cost as MRI facility was only available at HFH one of the  Allied hospital.

Dr Nasir who also has the additional charge of HFH and performing duties as MS Institute of Urology and Kidney Transplant  said that sufficient of medicines were available in stock and the hospital adding administration  were fully equipped  to meet any eventuality.