Sindh University rebukes allegations on VC




The Sindh University has refuted the allegations made against Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Fateh Muhammad Burfat by Sindh University Teachers Association’s (SUTA) Executive Council.

The university spokesman informed here on Saturday that the Vice Chancellor has never exhibited any indifference, as alleged, towards any serious matter whatsoever. Several selection board meetings, faculty appointments, scholarship awards to teachers, PhD and M. Phil. award to hundreds of scholars and consecutive holding of academic convocations for the past two years categorically declaim SUTA statement, the spokesman said.

The spokesman clarified that Vice Chancellor has never appointed any one from his family, community or circle of friends. “On the contrary there is evidence that the accusers have facilitated such appointments,” he added.

All legal, genuine, justified demands of faculty falling within the legal varsity framework have been met, he said and added that however, the varsity has not buckled before a few illegal demands made by certain individuals which seems to have offended certain quarters.

He said the university maintains all transactions online through its finance department as per specified legal formalities and through committees comprising senior-most faculty, hence the allegation of financial irregularities is nothing but null and void.

The spokesman was of the view that not even a single inch of varsity land has been encroached upon in the last two years-however, 2200 acres of land purchased by the university before Dr. Burfat joined as VC was encroached to which SUTA leadership remained unjustifiably silent.

Dr. Burfat has given faculty at main and additional campuses maximum possible audience at his office and during his frequent visits to departments and institutes – record available to this aspect can be checked by anyone at any time, he said and added the individuals who do not ensure their own availability in classrooms and opt not even to sign the muster roll are accusing the vice chancellor of “indifference”.

The spokesman observed with confidence that the varsity administration has maintained academic calendar most strictly in terms of academic sessions, examinations, pre-entry tests, meetings of all statutory bodies, academic convocations, seminars, conferences and other co-curricular activities.

Entire process of admissions is executed and monitored by a high-powered ‘admission committee” comprising varsity pro-vice chancellors, focal persons, deans, academic and administrative heads and other relevant senior hands; obliterating all prospects of any foul-play whatsoever, he said and added there is absolutely no dearth of funds – however, there is absolutely no room for entertaining bills without legal justification. SU has been ensuring pay-roll payments and has never delayed or defaulted on this count.

He said that the varsity administration has implemented all syndicate resolutions without fail. The administration affirmed that University of Sindh, for the first time in its history, has earned ranking in QS Asia Ranking of the World Universities. It has also won ISO certification, he said.

He spokesman said that the university has been able to obtain federal government grant fund of Rs.1600 million along with Rs. 946 million and 234 million grant from Government of Sindh because of the efforts of the Vice Chancellor.

The entire new block for faculty of Social Sciences was about to be built, the spokesman said and added that the university has also introduced online attendance and admission systems. It has also mandated biometric attendance system for employees, he said and added that for the first time, students get results on time.

The spokesman said that Sindh Minister for Education Syed Sardar Ali Shah during his address to participants of the convocation held on March 9 eulogized performance of SU and its VC.

Dr. Burfat is very particular about punctuality and regularity of faculty, a fact that a few teachers do not like, yet zero tolerance will be maintained no matter what, he said and maintained that Vice Chancellor has enormously upgraded varsity infrastructure that includes road overhaul, construction of boundary wall around campus and monumental gate structures at entrance points.

He claimed that majority of faculty, officers and employees was immensely satisfied by the performance of Dr. Burfat and stay mainstream while only a handful individuals agitate due to personal vendetta.

The spokesman said that the varsity had just come out of long-standing administrative crisis and had grown stable in the last two years under the dynamic leadership of a tenure Vice Chancellor hence this hard-and-well-earned stable system may please not be derailed for petty politics and personal interests.