We will fully implement NAP:  Ali Zaidi



Staff Report


Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Haider Zaidi on Saturday visited Quetta city and expressed commiseration to the families of those who lost their lives in the dreadful blast that occurred yesterday in the Hazarganji area of Quetta.

The Federal Minister said that he has come to visit Quetta city on the special directives of Prime Minister Pakistan Imran Khan, to show solidarity with the families of the blast victims. He expressed these views while talking to media persons at a local hotel here today.

He said that Prime Minister is viewing this matter very seriously. The National Action Plan would be copiously implemented, he added.

Federal Minister while expressing grief over yesterday’s explosion, said the protection of every citizen is our government’s prime responsibility.

“Terrorism has no religion, it has no faith. People who conduct such heinous acts are just terrorists,” he said, while adding that he believes that people who carry out such acts are mentally unstable. “Anyone in their right mind would not go around killing people or making plans to kill people.”

“The law enforcement agencies are performing their duties honestly and staunchly”, he said.

“Terrorism can be eliminated through education. We will have to improve the state of health, education and security in the country, or development will not be possible in the country,” he added.

Zaidi further said that to fix the country, its financial model needs to be fixed first, “in the eyes of the world we are a country that has security [issues], we need to change that and show the world that we are a state that has economic prosperity.”

While answering a question, the federal minister said that law enforcement agencies and judicial courts are working independently and are not under anyone’s influence.

He said that we have to transfigure Pakistan from the security zone to an economic zone. Strengthening economy is among PTI’s top first priorities, he added.

He said administration cannot show positive results in eight months, change is a gradual process.

Earlier, Federal Minister visited Imambargah and offered prayers for the departed souls.