Pakistan desires regional peace, stability: Qureshi



Staff Report


Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that the steps taken by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government will improve the overall economic situation of the country.

“Foreign direct investment had fallen to dangerous levels, Rs6,000 trillion debt was accumulated by the previous governments,” said Qureshi while addressing the media in Multan, adding that PTI can’t be held responsible for the actions undertaken by the previous governments.

Qureshi stated that, be it Asad Umar or anyone else, nobody can improve the country’s economic situation overnight. “Steps are being taken, and finances will improve.”

The foreign minister reaffirmed that investment trend is coming, it will play a role for creating job opportunities.

“The finances have begun to gain stability with the PTI government’s efforts policies.”

The minister in his chat with reporters announced that Prime Minister Khan will visit Iran and China later this month.

“It is our target to achieve foreign relation objectives, and we will have good sessions with them.”

“We desire regional peace and stability. We want improvement, prosperity, stability and peace in Afghanistan.”

He stressed the need for maintaining peaceful relations with Tehran and reiterated that Pakistan does not interfere in the international affairs of India and Afghanistan, where he said Islamabad has been supporting the peace process.

Qureshi said that Islamabad will welcome “any engagement for peace” from the new government to be formed in New Delhi. But Pakistan will maintain a high level of preparedness till May 19, when elections in India are due to culminate, he added.

PM Imran will be the chief guest at the Belt and Road Forum and will be the chief guest address a keynote address.

Next session of Taliban is expected to take place in Doha.

Qureshi also announced that he was going to Japan.

Speaking on Friday’s blast in Quetta, Qureshi said “we don’t want to engage in political point scoring.”

“Through investigation, we have to see that Hazara community targeted in Quetta, who are educated and laborious, we have to see if there is a sectarian or international force behind it.” We will not adopt India’s attitude, the foreign minister said.