Govt slammed for delaying parliamentary sessions




Opposition has lashed out at the PTI led federal government over postponement of  the sessions of both houses of the parliament to promulgate the ordinance regarding new tax amnesty scheme and said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was the biggest critics of ordinances in past but now put the parliament session off to issue ordinance.

Former opposition leader in national assembly Syed Khurshid Shah while talking to Daily Morning Mail said that in past Imran khan was saying that ordinances were promulgated for favouritism but now he should tell why he was in hurry to promulgate the tax amnesty ordinance and to whom he wanted to give benefit.

The future of Imran Khan is U-turn because he takes u-turn on every decision. Why he is not resisting now the legislation through ordinance? We will see that he will soon apologize the nation to not fulfil the primroses he made with the masses, Shah said.

PML-N spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb also criticized the PTI government and said that PM wanted that opposition should not ask any question to him and who asked the question, then government went against him. Ishaq Dar had been banned to come on media while Miftah Ismail was stopped to go abroad because both were showing mirror to the government on the economic situation of the country. She said that PM did not come to parliament because he was afraid that if he will come to assembly then opposition will ask questions to him and he had no answers of these questions.

PPPP secretary information Nafeesha Shah also came forward to put the parliament session off and said that this government was totally failed in every matter and now nation was facing the results of stolen election in 2018.

She said in a statement that PTI government was playing the game of corruption but nothing they had proved against opposition parties and people now knew their real face.

She held Imran khan responsible to create uncertainty in the country and said that PTI government had collapsed the economy and put all blame on opposition even they were in government since nine months.

It may be recalled that government had postponed the senate and national assembly session that were summoned on 12 April and 15 April respectively but now the national assembly  session will be held on 22 April and  senate on 25 April.