Insufficient evidence: FIA again suggests closure of Asghar Khan Case



Tauseef Abbasi


The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Monday again suggested before the Supreme Court the closure of the Asghar Khan case due to the lack of evidence.

A three-member bench, headed by Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed, heard the case.

The FIA in its report said that it could not find enough proof or evidence to take the case forward. The FIA authorities said they were unable to proceed due to lack of substantial evidence.

The report said that the statements of all important witnesses who were available had been recorded. The FIA said it had also interviewed two journalists, Mujeebur Rehman Shami and Habib Ikram, and also investigated the main witness, Brig (r) Hamid Saeed, as well as Advocate Yousaf Memon, but to no avail.

The Defence Ministry also submitted a report on progress in implementation of the Asghar Khan case verdict, saying that it had constituted a court of inquiry, which had recorded the statements of six witnesses. According to the report, the ministry was looking for more witnesses.

The Defence Ministry report said that a Court of Inquiry had examined all proofs and civilians associated with the case. It added that efforts were being made to bring the matter to its logical end as per the rules and regulations.

The Asghar Khan case which is connected with the ISI doling out an amount of Rs 140 million among the politicians before the 1990 general elections, is being heard by the apex court.

The superior court, in its 2012 judgment, had asked the federal government to take necessary action under the law against former army chief retired Gen Aslam Beg and ISI’s former director general retired Lt Gen Asad Durrani for their role in horse-trading in the 1990 elections. The money had allegedly helped their favoured politicians against their rivals in winning votes.