Quranic reflections: Divine rope – fourth Para


By Dr Abdul Saboor

  This beautiful Para narrates that we may invite blessings and bounties of Allah by doing charity in His way out of what is the most precious available to us. Allah knows better whatsoever we spend. The best contribution may be in the form of spending our precious time and energy in learning and acting upon heavenly messages containing absolute insight for the welfare of humanity. This also means to grasp Allah’s rope tightly rather than to divide ourselves into groups. All of our petty differences can easily be removed if we follow these worthy lessons of Quran. And this is how the followers and believers would be appearing with white faces on the Day of Judgment.

The Para further reflects the fact that Allah’s House (Kaaba) is a source of blessings and guidance for humanity. The Holy land of Mecca acts as peace and prosperous road to unity among the Muslims. In a situation of conflict and chaos; in our individual and collective life, we should take visit in this city for performing Hajj. This is a privileged training of unity, faith and discipline which should be availed as soon as we get financial strength. This is how we can enjoy the status of the best Ummah as also narrated in this Para. This is the way one can take benefit of the company and support of angels like what has happened in Badar.

This Para offers a great lesson of unity which can be achieved by firmly gripping Allah’s rope and avoiding conflicts with one another.  We are declared as the best among all followers provided that we should talk of good things, stop others from bad things and keep faith on Allah. Believers should not make friends anyone except believers. You may love disbelievers but they do not keep love for you. Allah knows the secrets of hearts very well. Help always come from Allah and from Allah only.

For ordinary person, Quran is just a written statement but for pious persons it is a complete package of advice. Allah’s love can be invited by spending in his way, by controlling anger and by ignoring the oddity of people. We should neither be lazy nor sad for we are to succeed ultimately. Allah loves pious persons and thus provides treasure of both the worlds. Allah’s Prophet is soft hearted due to His special blessing.

We learn the lesson that believers should keep trust on Allah. If Allah would help us, no one can overcome us. If He leaves you no one can help you. Allah has sent the Holy Prophet from among them who recites the verses of Quran and purified them and teaches them The Book and the Wisdom. All were in distress and sorrow before that. Martyrs are alive

For proving ourselves to be united as Ummah, we are to spread good things among humanity and stop them from doing bad. We will have to be united and combined in the path of our faith and above all to be more human. We should not declare our secrets to non-believers for they cannot be our well wishers. They are hypocrites as they feel happy to see us in trouble and feel bad to see us in happiness. We need not to worry of their tricks and treacheries. We need to fight the onslaught of such circumstances with patience and Taqwa.

Our martyrdom is actually the start of our eternal life. We must realize that there is solid wisdom in Allah’s narratives. As for instance, Allah has declared faith a blessing and a sort of divine help which can keep us united against the attacks of non-believers. And there is challenging insight in everything of the universe created by Him. One can witness clear clues and hints in the rise and fall of sun and moon for those who think and take support of reasoning. All such creations of Allah Almighty leave lessons for us to be disciplined and dedicated in our lives.

Al-Nisa opens the reality of creation of man from a single chemical material. The chain continues from Adam to today’s man. Here, a judicial and regulatory mechanism has been defined for the mankind particularly for their matrimonial life and the affairs of distribution of their possessions in inheritance. This legal package is gender friendly in which social protection of women has been ensured. She is qualified for possession of inheritance in various ways. She can enjoy unmatchable privileges being follower of Allah’s verses.

In financial terms, one man takes care of his mother, sister, wife and daughter who need to worry of monetary affairs of their father, brother, husband and sons.  The right of men for second or third marriage is strictly associated to justice if they could maintain; otherwise this right becomes meaningless. It is also aimed at soothing their human nature through legal means and thus avoids immorality in society. There is wisdom in each of these verses which is to bee explored through innovative thinking.

The crux of whole Para is in following the right direction as narrated by Allah. Allah shows the right path to those who firmly holds the religion. Key wisdom lies in the fear of Allah. The more we have fear of God, there is highly likely that we tighten the grip of Divine Rope and follow the righteous path. Only Allah installs love in our hearts that love leads us to the right path and thus our faces would be white on the Day of Judgment.

 Dr Abdul Saboor is Professor of Economics and Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, PMAS Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi. He can be reached at drabdul.saboor@uaar.edu.pk