Quranic reflections: Divine justice – fifth Para



By Dr Abdul Saboor

Surah Al-Nisa explains the marvelous sanctity bestowed to women even when they are in lower social status and economic position in a society. Divine justice for men and women has clearly been narrated. It is based on equity rather than perfect equality. This means that equals should be treated equally and unequal should be treated unequally. The fixation of rights and responsibilities across gender is based on their natural segregation. Otherwise, there is no discrimination among men and women in the way of earning virtues. What a beautiful wisdom narrated as on the one hand women are being protected in economic and social terms while on the other hand a legal way is being opened for men to lead a successful matrimonial life.

Gender harmony along with social security can be established in any community if the separate authority of men and women is acknowledged in their different pursuits. Men may be superior to women not necessarily in authority rather in terms of responsibility. Women may be more privileged to men in terms of motherly love and sisterly respect. Soft authority in terms of comfort and nursing always rests with women. This would be natural injustice if we transfer the rights and responsibilities of men to that of women and vice versa. This may cause injustice for humanity, if naturally equals are treated unequally and un-equals (men & women) are treated equally. Immorality has implicitly been denied in the life of both men and women.

In order to launch Divine Justice truly, there has been given emphasis on the obedience of the people of wisdom on conditional basis besides submission to Allah and His Prophet (ﷺ) unconditionally. This indicates that after the Holy Prophet (ﷺ), Allah loves those who are full of knowledge and wisdom. But in case of conflict, Quran and Sunnah would remain a dominating discourse. And those who follow the demonstrations of the Holy Prophet (ﷺ) are actually following Allah’s orders. Moreover jealousy has strictly been prohibited in this Para. This may lead the people to infidelity and denial of Allah. All of our sins may be excused except SHIRK which could not be pardoned.

Divine Justice is super-fair and unmatchable. Allah demands same rhythm of justice from masses. As for instance, precious belongings of others (AMANAT) must be returned to those who are the real owners. This also implies Allah’s AMANAT which may be associated to the fact His Divine messages should be transmitted to all mankind. So, we should follow justice and fair play in our social decisions. Golden steps need to be taken for reconciliation of family matters. If we avoid all the big sins which are prohibited, we will remove our trivial sins and Allah will grant us a position of high dignity and status.

The narrative of justice takes another shape where we have been guided that whenever someone says us Salaam or gives gift we should respond in a better way or at least in the same fashion. If someone guides us in the right direction, we must respond in better tune or otherwise responding in the same manner would be okay. Allah wants to reveal His words openly, accept our apologies, and treats us softly for humans have been created as weak beings. By following this path everything good can be achieved.

Divine Justice further reflects more connotations for giving a route of success to the followers. It shows that we should do justice in all affairs of life. The best justice is to be the true witness of Allah in all matters even if it goes against you and your relatives. Going against your own desires is the real justice. A lot of good news is there for us if we say prayers on time and do mutual trade virtues on honesty terms.

We should keep in mind that whosoever is rejected by Allah, no one can support him. Those who do Jahad in Allah’s way are actually selling this life for the life hereafter. Those who succeed or get martyrdom while fighting with others, Allah would certainly grant a big reward. In case of controversy, take rescue from Allah and His Prophet’s wisdom. Spending one’s wealth without show off is highly important. If there is any virtuous act, its reward is doubled; not only limited to this but much more reward is granted. Let us show obedience to Allah and His Prophet (ﷺ) and their true followers.
Whatsoever is available between earth and sky is of Allah Who is the power of each and every thing. Anything good you get is from Allah while anything bad that is generated in your Nafs is from Satun. Keep this belief that satanic tricks are bogus and of weak nature. Allah shows surprise and asks a question whether you people deeply think about Quran. Those who favour the good deeds, they will earn heavenly credit. Allah orders us to probe and research the matter when we are in His Way. If we do anything just to win the pleasure of Allah, we will certainly get a huge reward.

The climax of justice appears in the shape of Allah’s special forgiveness for His people who accept their sins and look for apology. Accepting someone’s apology is also a SADQA. Allah Himself is saying why He would give punishment to those who have a strong faith on Him and who are thankful to His blessings. Giving respect to Allah’s justice system without deducing illogical reasons is the master key to unlock His blessings and bounties. This passage to justice passes through the authority of the Holy Prophet (ﷺ). Allah has no intention to punish you if you are thankful and keep faith for He is perfectly knowledgeable.

We are not allowed to desire for anything for which Allah has exclusively given high importance to some of you over the others. A good treatment is expected from all of us to be kind with our parents, relatives, neighbours and travelers. Allah does not like the arrogance. Similarly, Allah stops His blessings on those who are miser and try to compel others to be so. We get a touching lesson from this Para that men dominance over women is actually a determination of their leadership which show high level of financial responsibility on the part of men for women. This is a kind of amazing social protection mechanism for women and with women through men and from men. Thanks for the Divine Justice!

Dr Abdul Saboor is Professor of Economics and Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, PMAS Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi. He can be reached at drabdul.saboor@uaar.edu.pk