Quranic reflections: Divine truth – Sixth para


Dr. Abdul Saboor, Professor of Economics

 This Para starts with the important narrative that Islam does not like the publicity of wrong things but one can raise voice if one has been ruthlessly suppressed. Allah likes the people hiding bad deeds of others and doing virtues. The best justice is in forgiving the fellow beings. This is Allah’s Sunnah. When we follow this Sunnah, Allah would forgive our big sins at the Day of Judgment. We also learn that those who are denying any of Allah’s Messengers are actually inviting disgraceful punishment from Him while those who have faith on His Messengers would certainly get complete reward from Allah.

Allah has declared Quran His solid argument, real truth and clear light. This divine narrative hints towards the Holy Prophet (). Whosoever follows Quran, it would offer bright light that could lead the human being to the right direction. Unfortunately, we are walking opposite to this path of paradise. We are in a slippery and sloppy road. After every decade we look for a new master to materialize our worldly dreams. After disappointing from the West, now we are making new hopes from the East.

Divine truth is being ignored individually as well as collectively. Allah highlights the challenges of people of Moses and wrong allegations of the people of Jesus against the very existence of God. We must learn that whole manhood lies in accepting Allah’s orders and becoming His true slave. The Holy Prophet () is being convinced that all the blessings of Allah were snatched from the people of Moses and Jesus for their dwindling and doubted faith. A total surrender to Allah in the light of Quran and Sunnah would help us securing from all other kinds of slavery in this material world.

Allah has announced a great reward for those who have faith and wisdom as they say their prayers, pay Zakat and keep trust in the Day of Judgment. Divine verses were revealed to all the Holy Messengers including Noah, Ibrahim, Ismail, Ishaq, Yaqoob, Ayub and Younas (RA) while direct talk was practiced with Moses (RA). Allah and His angels are witness to all these revelations. Allah has cautioned that excess of everything is bad. Taking extreme point of view like that of the idea of trinity is strictly prohibited in Islam. Hell is the final destination of all the disbelievers including those who suppress others.


In this Para, there is a privileged and honorary announcement for Muslims. This is the declaration of completion of Deen and blessings of Allah Who has selected Islam for you as your Deen. Such a Divine announcement is attributed to Gala News for humanity. The beauty of such a message is that we are persuaded for interfaith harmony. All the Peoples of all Divine Books can dine together and marry together though with certainly respects and limitations. If such a Divine truth is followed with full letter and spirit, believers can be attractive and spiritually striking for non-believers.

Al-Maida takes a very nice opening in which it is being taught that we should fulfill our commitments and promises. The subsequent verses define the good or bad consumable items along with their respective legal or illegal status. We should be fearful from Allah. After clearly defining the concepts of Halal (legal) and Haram (illegal), very good news of completion of Quran is announced with marvelous prizes and a great satisfaction springs up at the completion of this Divine message.

Al-Maida further says that the believers should fulfill their agreements and promises at every cost. They should help each others in the tasks attributed to virtues and good deeds. They should not help each others in odd and sinful matters. A major chunk of our population is cowardly supporting each other in myths rather than realities. We must note that the People of Moses got destroyed because of disobedience of their Prophet. Their 40-Years punishment leaves a great learning for us to bow our heads before the Will of Allah unconditionally. We are to convert our will to that of Allah. We will have to tune in our spirits for humanity.

An announcement is made for the believers that Divine wisdom has been revealed on them.  No one can be supportive like that of Allah who is always with the believers. Allah will take His people in his special custody and show them the right path. The Holy Prophet () has brought the righteous message for the humanity which can help them avoiding to be disbelievers.

Allah Almighty reminds us to recall the commitments which our souls had made. We should not forget Allah’s blessings. We should do justice in all affairs of life if we really want to win the pleasures of Allah. We should trust on Allah only Who keep us away from bad things. But we should be careful as Allah hardens the hearts of those who make changes in the verses of Quran. Some of the fundamental principles of ablution and cleanliness of human body have been nicely explained in this Para. Besides purifying physical body, a spiritual bath is also required to find out the Divine Truth.

This Para also unlocks the importance of man in a unique way. “One who kills a single person actually kills the whole humanity while who saves the life of a single person actually saves the life of whole humanity”. This verse implicitly leaves the fluid message that one who takes care of one’s fellow being and helps out one’s friend in time of need actually earns the virtues of taking care of and helping of the whole humanity. If we will make our fellow being angry without any reason, this is an equivalent to disturbing humanity at all.

Divine truth argues that neither too much involvement in worldly matters nor too much apathetic of material world is acceptable but the middle way is suitable in Islam. This sober way neither leads us to secularism nor Islamism. It is a Divine Deen based on Divine Truth which clearly asserts that Allah’s best people are those who love Him and are loved by Him. They are soft for believers while hard for non-believers. They sacrifice their energy, life and time for the cause of Allah. They are spiritual representatives of Allah Almighty. They finally learn to lead their life as per Quranic truths.


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Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, PMAS Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi