CDA not to allow extension of slums   

Monitoring teams of Enforcement Directorate of the Authority visited various slum areas and erased some newly erected illegal construction


Staff Report


Capital Development Authority, (CDA) has decided to conduct strict operations and monitoring on daily basis to check further expansion of Katchi abadis of Islamabad.

Operations of Special Teams continued during weekly holidays and several ongoing illegal constructions were also demolished in the Katchi abadis.

Taking advantage of weekly holidays Illegal occupants of the Katchi abadis started illegal construction work inside these areas.

To eliminate such type of illegal activities and stop over the expansion of illegal construction in the Katchi abadis, CDA has decided to monitor and tackle this issue.

On Saturday, monitoring teams of Enforcement Directorate of the Authority visited various Katchi abadis of Islamabad and during the visit of Sector G-7 “Shopper Colony” some new illegal construction were observed and an immediate action was taken by the Enforcement team.

Monitoring team further observed an illegal extension of the wall in the Katchi abbadi was carried out at the vicinity of France colony, Sector F / 7-4; the extension of the wall was immediately demolished.

Similarly, Monitoring team visited the Katchi Abadi Sarai-e-Aam, Sector G-7/2, Bank Colony Sector G-7/1, Musharif Colony, Katchi Abadi Sector G-8/1, Katchi Abadi Sector G-6/2, 100 Quarter Sector  and also inspected the area of Katchi Abadi, Sector F-6 where monitoring teams did not find any new construction.

The surveillance / monitoring of special teams in the all katchi abadis of Islamabad will continue in the coming days.  Earlier this month, contrary to the recommendations of a parliamentary committee, the city managers have decided not to allow double storey buildings in eight recognised katchi abadis in the capital, saying the buildings may collapse in case of a calamity.

There are 10 legal slums in the capital and the National Assembly Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat had recently directed the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to allow double story buildings in all of these recognised slums.

However, after a meeting with Member Planning Asad Mehboob Kayani, the CDA Katchi Abadi Cell decided to give permission for double storey buildings in only two of these slumsthat in G-8/1 and Farash Town.

`The buildings in the recognised katchi abadis do not meet the requirements and according to our assessments, these buildings cannot take the extra load,` Mr Kayani said.

An official of the Planning Wing told Dawn that the member planning was told during the earlier meeting that recent visits to the katchi abadis in G-7/1, G-7/2, G-7/3-2 and F-7/4 revealed that more than 90pc of the residents had already constructed double storeyunitsinviolation ofthe rules and regulations, without CDA permission.

The double storey buildings will pose danger to human lives in case of a natural calamity, a CDA document says.

The document which pertains to the meeting mentioned earlier says that the width of the streets is also not enough.

The member planning said these slums were recognised at the time as they were, where buildings had been constructed without any policy or planning.

`Only two abadis, in G-7/2 and Farash Town, are properly planned,` he said, adding that CDA has decided to upgrade the remaining eight as well.