CDA chief inspects progress of Ata Turk avenue widening project

Directs temporary arrangement for traffic flow at G-6 intersection leading to State Bank Chowk




Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman visited the Ataturk Avenue, sector G-6 to inspect progress on the project of widening of road.

Chairman directed the concerned formation that till such time road work is completed, temporary arrangement for traffic flow must be made at G-6 intersection leading to State Bank Chowk.

Senior officers of concerned formations were also accompanied him during the visit.

Ataturk Avenue is one of the major roads being utilized by several commuters to approach the offices located along the Avenue. In order to maintain uninterrupted traffic flow on the road, the Director Roads was also instructed to introduce traffic management solutions at State bank chowk also. Furthermore, Director Traffic Engineering and Traffic Planning was given one (01) week to come up with design and commence work on the same.

Meanwhile in a meeting with Engineering and Planning section, instructions were also issued that notices for next Capital Development Authority meeting be issued by coming Tuesday so that Development Project of sector E-12 and Park Enclave can be gotten approved after the needful has been done. During the meeting it was also informed that PC-I of sector I-15 is also ready and shall be placed in the next meeting of (CDA-DWP) which is likely to be scheduled within ten days.

Engineering Wing has been further tasked to ensure commencement of the development work on Sectors I-15 and E-12 before 30th June 2019.

The Chairman also directed the concerned formations that tenders for those projects that stand approved like the G-7/G-8 underpass, Rawal Dam Chowk and IJP Road Traffic Management Solutions should be issued in coming week.

During the meeting it was discussed that as finances of CDA are being gradually improving more pending projects particularly those of sector development shall be taken up on priority.