Quranic reflections: Divine orders – eighth Para


By Dr Abdul Saboor

The door of heart can only be opened from inside. The reformation of the ‘World of Heart’ is actually an inside-out phenomenon. If we are not demanding the truth from inside, even a heavy knocking cannot open this door. Quran offers this power to the mankind to switch the light of Noor on in the spiritual domain. The Para narrates that had there been sent angels towards them, dead people allowed to talk with them and the things of whole the world displayed before them, they would not have accepted Islam. A lesson comes up that we should not be rigid and tough in our approach to do worldly affairs.

The Book has been sent from Allah in the upright manner. The whole subject matter has been explained very clearly and transparently. This Divine Poetry is complete in terms of truthfulness and justice. No one can change its exclusive narratives. Allah knows him very much who is detracted from His right path. There are some people in the world who could misguide us through cooked and fabricated talks. We should be very careful of such enemies while handling our worldly affairs.

Righteousness is not associated to the majority or minority. A large number of people may be wrong in their faith if they are not following the right track. On the other hand, people with strong faith and fraternity, are capable of creating success stories. There was an element of tremendous jealousy in Satan. It wants to degrade man in front of Allah. It is doing the same deed today with very new tricks and treacheries. We should avoid jealousy by all means and purposes. For that matter we will have to be free from Satan’s attacks by setting aside the open and hidden sins.

This Para pinpoints the historical narratives in the form of some series of Orders. The historical narratives of the Quran provide great lessons for the people of all ages. It is stressful situation for the believers for taking life time lessons from the history of People who have been ruined because of their arrogance and thanklessness to Allah Almighty. Hood (RA) was destroyed with wind, Samood (RA) was damaged with earthquakes, Loot (RA) was punished with rain of stones, Shoaib (RA) was damaged with earthquakes and the Pharaoh (RA) was killed in the heavily flown water of the Nile River. These historical events brought key lesson for the humanity to be modest and thankful to Allah.

Allah continues offering lessons in many shapes and means. The process of lessons giving remains continued till we get learnt the whole fabric of that lesson. We must take these Divine Orders seriously and learn that if we would keep our Allah angry, we may meet the same fate as those of six ruined nations. For every moment of life, some lesson learning is always available for avoiding mistakes in future. So, winning the Pleasure of Allah should be the primal goal of mankind which may not be ignored at any cost.

Allah opens the breast and heart of a person towards Islam but to whom He wants to show the Divine Way. He narrows the heart of those who are to be thrown to the wrong side. He does not like those who touch the extremes and go beyond of those boundaries. Allah throws filth on those who are not keeping faith. We should not follow the path of Satan for it is our worst enemy. But Allah loves us due to our good deeds. Every one of us would get different positions on the basis of good deeds we are doing.

In this Para, we have been guided to make exact measurement with full justice. Allah does not levy trouble on a person beyond his tolerance. Whatsoever we utter we should maintain justice in our arguments and talks. None of us would carry the weight of others’ odd acts. We are responsible ofour own deeds. Allah says that Deen is His righteous way to which we should march and lead our life accordingly. We may get ten times better reward for a single virtue provided that it is committed with full spirit.

Surah Al-Araaf narrates the dignity and sanctity of human beings in comparison to other creatures including jinn and angels. All the angels were ordered to bow before the Adam. All the creatures bowed except Iblees who considered itself better for it was produced with fire while man was created with mud. Satan was thus expelled from the Sky in disgraceful and shameful manner. On its request, Allah grants time to the Day of Judgment. Since that day there is fight between Satanic forces and Divine Forces. We should obey the Divine Orders rather than playing at the hands of Satanic tricks.

Almost half of medical science has been revealed in 31st verse of Surah Al-Araaf. This verse persuades us to take hygiene food in a balanced diet pattern. This is the real secret of health to take food but not beyond a certain limit. The element of hygienic food is also relevant to our soul which needs fresh food of faith. As physical body needs material food for survival, spiritual fabric needs faith on Allah and love for humanity. This is only possible if Divine Orders are soberly learnt without having any doubt.

Allah beautifully narrates the systematic sequence of rainfall. First of all, a cool breeze is being blown by Allah from His blessings stock. These are sources of happiness. Such winds carry the heavy clouds containing full of water and then shower the same on the barren lands to produce His blessings. A good land is converted into greenery with the kind Order of Allah. A variety of fruits are thus grown. A bad land is not transmitted into orchards without His sweet will. Exactly in the same way, dead bodies are given another life so that we could understand.


This system is analogical to the state of head (brain) and heart of man. The fruit of faith is taken from pious head and heart. A mind controlled by Satan produces nothing but annoyance and frustration for the youth. We need to learn the methods of harvesting truthfulness from the fertile lands of our hearts with the aid of new tools and techniques. Material wishes may be converted into spiritual will as soil may be converted into gold but due to Divine Orders.


Dr Abdul Saboor is Professor of Economics and Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, PMAS Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi. He can be reached at drabdul.saboor@uaar.edu.pk