PPP, PML-N sense invisible martial law in country



Tariq Virk


PPP and PML-N leaders on Monday said the country is being run under hidden marshal law and media persons are a main targeted of this unannounced practice.

They said former dictator Zia’s regime was much better than the current PTI regime because that time the enemy was known and today they are fighting against an unknown enemy.

Criticizing the government financial deal with the IMF, they said the government has bowed before the international funding body while putting people of this country at stake.

They said those journalists who raised their voice for just have been removed from their jobs and the government wants to impose strict censorship on media on the pretext of financial crunch in the country.

They said this while addressing a protest rally organized by RIUJ to raised voice for the rights of journalists.

PPP central leader Nayyar Bukhari, former chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani, former senator Farhatullah Babar, and PML-N Spokesperson Maryam Aurangzeb spoke to the rally.

PPP leader Bukhari said former dictators’ regime was much better because that time enemy of democracy was known but now enemy is unknown.

Today no one knows who is with whom, Bukhari added. The government is trying to eliminate freedom of expression in the country. He said as a journalist break story, unknown forces start threatening him and if he/she resist he has been disappeared.

Senator Babar said May 13 is an important day with the reference to the right of journalists. It is the days when journalists were punished with lashes for resistance against dictatorship.  He asked for what reasons journalists are being punished as apparently no media organization seems stuck in financial crisis.