Quranic reflections: Divine names – Ninth Para


By Dr Abdul Saboor

The opening narrative of this Para magnifies the subject matter of Surah Al-Araaf while explaining the echoes of Shoaib (RA) and suggesting that the wisdom of Allah is dominant on everything. We should keep trust on Allah for only He can make right decision among the people. In anger, Allah sets a seal upon the hearts of disbelievers such that they become unable to hear. Similarly, from the story of Moses (RA) and Pharaoh, we discover how truth finally came to the surface and how people of Israel bowed down before the Divine Message. Pharaoh’s threat could not work as Moses (RA) asked the People to take support of Allah for the final success comes to those who are afraid of Him.

The People of Shoaib (RA) followed the route of dishonesty in trade and committed deception in the weight and measurement of commodities. When we carry a belief that without making fraud, our trade and commerce would not make progress, we adopt the way of doing so. But if we have strong faith and Taqwa as lies in the remembrance of Divine Names, then even in this material world, the doors of blessings start opening from the Heaven. It is due to Allah’s graceful names we can gain wisdom which leads us to Heaven.

We are to learn from Quran with complete confidence that Divine Names may serve as the virtuous selection of leading a successful life. From the lessons learnt in the life of Moses, we should recognize the truth and agree on it quickly before the dirty intervention of Satan. Any order that comes from Allah and His Prophet (PBUH) falls in the list of virtues; rest of everything contrary to these orders is wrong. We should continue our work of spreading virtues and stopping people from wrong doings. We should be vigilant of Satan’s attacks coming from all corners of this material life. We should be soft hearted with the opponents. We should not counter ignorance with ignorance but with ninety nine names of Allah. A magnificent solution of almost all of our worldly problems is fairly found in Allah’s names.


At the birth of Adam, Allah assembled the souls of all human beings before Him and asked a gracious question, Am I not your RAB? All of them witnessed positively. This means that such kind of Shahadat (witness) is automatically installed in the super software of the brain of mankind. When the call of Prophets (RA) is there, the light is appeared and the dormant spirit is recharged thereby everyone speaks that there is no one but Allah. When that software is not activated at the realm Satanic forces, there is quite likely that mankind would lead to wrong direction. So, the light to the right path always comes from Allah.


Lack of reasoning and misuse of brain is dangerous for us. Allah says that such a state of mankind is even worse than that of animals. They have hearts but they do not understand the truth. They have ears but they do not hear the voice of Haq. They have eyes but they do not see the repercussions of Divine Names. So, our Deen throws light on the fact that when Quran is being read, listen it carefully and observe silence. This indirectly means to accept the principles defined in it. We should not make arguments by flawed dissertation. Search truth in the hidden treasure of ninety nine names. Unbelievable power lies in the attributes of these names which can be gained through practicing good values.

Allah is gradually taking in His grip to those who dare to falsify His verses. They are given some chances but His scheme is always very firm and sound. No one can guide a person if Allah wants to lead him astray. If Satan creates some doubt in us, we should seek refuge in Allah otherwise Satan may lead us to a ‘black hole’ of destruction. To avoid its attacks, we should start remembering Allah through His Sacred Names. When Quran is recited, we should pay heed to its verses silently for we could get Allah’s mercy. Surely, wisdom only lies with Allah but most of us do not comprehend it.


Surah Al-Infal pinpoints various signs of true believers. They are afraid of Allah and improve their mutual affairs. Their faith is strengthened while they are hearing the verses of Quran. They consider Allah’s words as mirror. They can improve the faith of their face by watching in this mirror. Quranic verses enhance the power of their belief. We have also been guided to remember the Day of Al-Furqan which becomes the symbol of mirror between right and wrong. The main reason of fight with the non-believers is enshrined in the fact that Allah’s Deen could be dominated and promulgated.


Non-believers have always been struggling that Islam should not live long. This war is still going on in many angles and shapes between believers and non-believers. In Al-Infal, Allah reminds us of what He did at various occasions to the people in great troubles. The coward individuals and terrified nations must realize that when the power of faith touches the extreme scale of morality, even Allah’s Angels fly down to help in apparently impossible adventures (like that of Badar). Sometimes He grants victory by weakening the schemes of disbelievers. Allah offers this kind of reward so that your hearts could get pacified. All kind of help is always from Allah Who is holding the whole wisdom.

All these narratives convince us that we should obey the orders of Allah and His Prophet (PBUH). Allah knows all the secrets of our hearts and nothing is hidden from Him. A Hadith narrates that the hearts of people are between two fingers of God Who may swing them as per His sweet will. Let us try to seek guidance from the path of radiance (Noor) which can be traced from the in-depth learning of Divine Names. The crux of the matter of these names is that His Rahmat is dominating on His Ghazab and Kahar. Let us collect the pearls of His blessings by realizing the marvelous spirit of Divine Names.


Dr Abdul Saboor is Professor of Economics and Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, PMAS Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi. He can be reached at drabdul.saboor@uaar.edu.pk