2,400 Al Buraq employees go on strike


Iqbal Malik


Some 2,400 employees of a Turkish firm Al Buraq the sub company of the Rawalpindi Waste Management Company observed a complete strike on Tuesday over delays in salaries, stopping vehicles fuel and some other issues.

They decided not to collect solid waste of the city and refused to drive their garbage collection trucks, to protest the delay in releasing their salaries.

Following the lead of the drivers, sanitation staff of the company which works in two shifts endorsed the decision and also refused to work. While talking to the Daily Morning Mail most of the workers have viewed that they are seeking monthly salaries for past two month.

They alleged that concerned authority is not paying any heed towards the issue despite repeated requests. “Salaries are delayed every second month,” complained the protesters who had chosen to gather in front of Al Buraq office.   The protesting workers said that the company appears disinterested in resolving issue pertaining to their salaries.

On April 16, Hundreds of the employees of Al-Buraq, staged a protest demonstration against unusual delay in salaries and ban on vacations.

The protesting employees claimed that the like WASA, Al Buraq will also experience financial crisis if the management didn’t end its anti-staff policies. It is pertinent to mention here that the company has imposed ban on vacations of staff and has also stopped provision of fuel to vehicles, besides delay in release of their salaries.

The employees refused garbage collection from the city and parked all garbage trucks in the offices of the company at Liquat Bagh and Rehmanabad.

The protesting employees chanted slogans against RWMC and Al Buraq managements. They protestors said that they didn’t get salaries of their last two months. They said the employees received February salary on March 18.