Sheikh Rasheed contempt of court case 

SC summons Rawalpindi commissioner, DC today


Tauseef Abbasi


The Supreme Court (SC) has summoned Rawalpindi commissioner and deputy commissioner (DC) on Wednesday in a contempt of court case against Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed.

The apex court remarked many trees were chopped and walls demolished just for a one hour visit to cut ribbon, asking whether the Punjab government has replaced the land mafia.

A three-member bench, under head of Justice Azmat Saeed, conducted hearing of the case on Tuesday.

Justice Ijazul Ahsan, during hearing, remarked whether the Punjab government has replaced the land mafia, adding that there was announcement that no land would be grabbed and trees chopped.

Justice Asmat Saeed observed commissioner and deputy commissioner Rawalpindi are violating the court orders, adding that we should have to ask someone else for their protection.

Responding the court remarks, Punjab Additional Advocate General said the matter will not reach at that point, assuring the court that the repair work will be started from today.

The court directed Additional Advocate General Punjab to take instructions within 24 hours.