Quranic reflections: Divine miracles -tenth Para


  By Dr Abdul Saboor

 This Para highlights Allah’s miracles springing up from Heaven for His people who fight for the cause of Islam. Their hearts are like a single unit due to Allah’s special miracle. We must know that Allah’s miracles are quite delicate. Had they spend the entire treasure of the whole earth, they could not enjoy such a mutual affection with each other. Only God can join their hearts together. Allah has granted them the power of love for He is perfectly and dominantly wise.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) is motivated to convince the Muslims for a Holy War. They are shown in their dreams a very small strength of the enemy so as to boost up their morale. Those who are dead stand on one argument while those who are alive stand on another argument. The believers are being taught that whenever they are in confrontation with enemies, they should be dedicated and determined. They should keep on remembering Allah so that they could get victory. Allah has lightened their burden for He knows that there is weakness in them. Allah finally gives them triumphant over people having ten times more power.

Satan is found present in the Battle of Badar in the shape of Saraqa Bin Malik. He is instigating non-believers for fighting and convincing them that they could overcome Muslims. When Allah sends angels in the leadership of Gabriel, he attempts to retreat. People ask him why you are going back. He says that he is foreseeing what others could not see. He is horrified of Allah’s grip. So the success in Holy wars does not depend on resources and weaponry. It is Allah’s order and our faith that can change the apparent defeat into marvelous triumph and vice versa. Even today, by polishing our faith and beating Satan, miracles can be created in the diplomatic, economic and social wars.

Quran says that remembrance of Allah in abundance is a necessary condition for succeeding in Jahad. We know that Allah announces a good news to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) claiming that He is enough for him. Muslims are to be spiritually passionate to win support of Allah and His angels. They should show obedience to Allah and His Prophet (PBUH). They should not go into conflict with one another; otherwise they would be worried and fearful, and the air of their strength is released.

Today, the course of world history can be changed by the very character of spiritual strength of true Muslims who make preparation of all kinds of weapons including wisdom and reasoning in addition to reformation of their faith. But when we continue fighting with each other as is reflected from our petty state of affairs individually as well as collectively in the Muslim world, the magnificent potential of our faith could not be materialized. By showing patience and perseverance we can get ten times more dominance over disbelievers.

This is what is actually happening among Muslim Ummah these days. We must know that in any situation either victory or defeat, Momin is successful in all of his initiatives. The fundamental lesson is that man has natural and physical affiliation to his relations and material things but love for Allah, His Prophet (PBUH) and fight for their voice are superior to anything else. That state of love can be diverted into unmatchable strength of making miracles.

Surah Al-Tawbah (revealed as the last one but without Bismillah) explains that it is always better to seek apology from Allah so as to achieve His pleasure. We should not violate the principles of our agreements and commitments. We need to show loyalty till the time the opponents are dedicated. Even the disbelievers should be provided shelter and opportunity to understand the Divine Messages to be further disseminated for they may be ignorant about the real truth. They may become your brothers-in-faith if they pronounce confession, say prayers and pay Zakat.

In this Para, a very high status is being announced for those who accepted Islam, agree to migrate and do Jahad in Allah’s way through their assets and life. It has also been narrated that non-believers tend to blow the Noor of Allah but He will spread His Noor through His beloved Prophet (PBUH) who is to dominate all other religions. The Holy verses implicitly warn that those who have the disease of doubt in their heart are quite dangerous and unfortunate group of people. If they are included in a great mission, they may cause chaos and conflict. They may manipulate conspiracy theories.

Quran further pinpoints that hypocrites promised to distribute money in charity if they get some more wealth but they become miser after gaining assets. But we must know that there is a bad news of horrifying harm and hurt for those who save gold and silver; and do not spend in the way of Allah. But Allah knows the secrets of heart and the unspoken voices swinging in it. He knows all the hidden things much more than anyone else. They have sold the signs of God with a paltry price and have turned from his ways. If we fight them, God will punish them by means of our hands and disgrace them. He will grant us victory over them and heals the breast of believing people.

The Para concludes that fraudulent and hypocrites spread wrong things and stop others to do good things. They forget Allah Who ultimately forgets them. It is also a kind of Jahad to counter the hypocrites through arguments, logic and wisdom. There might still be forgiveness for them from Allah if they seek apology. The whole Divine Miracle lies in such Noor of wisdom spreading across earth and heaven; dancing in head and heart of those who say prayers and pays Zakat along with all kinds of Jahad. And the royal door to Tawbah is open forever.


Dr Abdul Saboor is Professor of Economics and Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, PMAS Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi. He can be reached at drabdul.saboor@uaar.edu.pk