Tuition centers: a lucrative business

Majority of coaching centers are exploiting parents’ increasing obsession with improving their children’s academic grades


Staff Report


Private academies set up for lending helping hand to the students in preparations for Medical and engineering admission test have unleashed loot and plunder blitz.

The coaching academies do a roaring business in the period between FSc examinations and the entrance tests conducted by Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency (ETEA), the University of Health Sciences, Lahore, National University of Sciences and Technology and others.

According to media reports these academies can be seen to have raised their heads in battalions in the areas of Rawalpindi city and Cantt including Peshawar road, Satellite town, sixth road and others, wherein the students are trained for entrance test conducted for admission to University of Engineering and Technology and medical colleges.

The alluring ads on their parts assuring the students of their admission into medical and engineering colleges and universities are luring the students to their network.

Extortion in the name of admission fee is going unchecked as the parents are forced to pay inflated fees to these academies in return for the pledge of a bright future for their children.

It is learnt that professors and teachers from government colleges are running these academies.

The citizens have demanded of the government to probe into matter of opening and running these academies by government employees besides bringing to justice those found responsible.