Quranic reflections: Divine invitation -fifteenth Para


By Dr Abdul Saboor

The wonder of Miraj is one of the fantastic events of human and prophetic history. Rahmat-ul-Lil Alameen got an opportunity to visit the seventh Sky for spiritual and metaphysical chat (The term shows high level of love and affection) with Allah Rab-ul-Alameen on His special invitation. In the age of jet engine and scientific wonders like latest picturing of black hole, the very idea of Baraq seems to be rationally acceptable now. Divine flights having unlimited speed are free from the perception of time and space. By making friendship with Allah, the idea of Baraq can be capitalized through the Will of Allah.

Allah actually grants special kind of knowledge to His Prophets (PBUT) because they have to be the witness of truth for the world. They see with their own eyes both the Heaven and the Hell so that they could disseminate the same knowledge to their people with unyielding conviction. This Quran shows a right path. This is quite a straightforward path. It announces congratulating news that there is a big reward for that. It is for their benefit if they do good deeds but if they do bad acts, it is also for them.

Whenever someone goes on a journey, on his way back, he brings some gifts for his relatives and loved ones. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) brings an unmatchable gift of five prayers for us which are equivalent to fifty prayers in terms of reward. In each prayer, we give our witness of the remarkable conversation of Allah and His Prophet (PBUH) during sitting in Tashhad which was recorded at the Miraj. The last few verses were of Al-Baqara were also awarded to mankind for gaining world benefits. .

This Quran points us out that particular route of happiness for us which is brilliantly straight forward. So instead of swinging on wrong directions, we are to follow the right track that leads to the Pleasure of Allah. A chip showing good or bad has been hanged on our neck. Whatsoever good or bad we do, this would robotically speak at the Day of Judgment. In this way, milk and water would be separated at that occasion. Plants like cactus can grow in fire which will have to be eaten by the residents of Hell. We should avoid making partnership with Satan who leads us to Hell with certain tricks and treacheries. It causes fight among the people, and thus is undoubtedly an open enemy of man.


There is series of strict orders narrated in this Para. As for instance, sovereignty lies with Allah and only Allah. There are privileges and rights of parents, relatives and travelers. One who is spending lavishly is dubbed as the brother of Satan who is highly thankless to Allah. Maintaining constancy in spending and medium range expenditure are reflections of wisdom. Safeguarding of the assets of orphans and. keeping the promises intact are key advices from Allah. So, do not hand over the control of your tongue to Satan. It wants to create conflict among brothers through this controlling authority.


Certainly, only Allah expands the livelihood of a person. Only He has power to reduce it. It is better if we are careful in measurement. We should not be in toe of something for which we do not have any information. Our ears, eyes and hearts would ultimately be accounted for. We should not walk on earth in arrogance. All the seven Skies and Earths, and whatsoever is between them are reciting Allah’s verses in such a way that we do not understand its linguistic meanings. There is nothing in this universe which could not remember Him in honor and praise. A Hadith narrates that even ants recites in the honor of Allah. ‘There was a stone in Mecca that used to pay Salaam to the Holy Prophet (PBUH)’.


Allah says that the Quran which is being revealed is a kind of treatment and blessing for the believers. Allah has included all kinds of examples in this Book so that people could understand clearly. It is impossible to bring a book like that even if all are helpful of each other. But man is quite a strange being. He is narrow hearted. When we render our rewards on man, he turns his face and changes his back. But when he gets a discomfort, he is disappointed. Soul is the outcome of Allah’s order and people have been given a very limited knowledge. Allah has very graceful names; one can call Him with any good name.


In Surah Al-Kahaf, Allah shows the ways and means of rescuing His exceptional believers who show loyalty on the universal truth of oneness of God.  There is great learning from the incident of People of Cave. Faith is the most precious blessing of Allah the security of which should be maintained in all circumstances and at any cost. Seven Skies and Earths and everything included in it are reciting in Allah’s praise. We must realize that any kind of possibility can be expected from Allah. See! Life is being lived for 309 years without food and water. This makes us bound to accept Allah.


Whatsoever is present on Earth we have made it graceful for the utilization of humanity. Allah provides strength to hearts for Islam. When He provides guidance, we would be in righteous direction. WE have learnt the importance of Insha Allah which gives strength to accomplish the task for which promise has been made. We should remember Allah whenever we forget something.


We have been granted wisdom according to our needs and limited capacity to use it. See the incident of Moses (AS) and Khizer (AS). It shows that one can gain knowledge even from a person lower than one’s cadre and status. We need to learn from such Quranic verses that impatience of a person is directly correlated to the limitation of his knowledge. Let us conceptualize Quran progressively. Let us struggle for qualifying Divine Invitation to the domain of knowledge for settling all of our worldly affairs with great patience.


Dr Abdul Saboor is Professor of Economics and Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, PMAS Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi. He can be reached at drabdul.saboor@uaar.edu.pk