Quranic reflections: Divine advice – sixteenth Para


By Dr Abdul Saboor

This Para extends the canvas of Divine Advice taken from the famous journey and meaningful discussion of Moses (AS) and Khizar (AS) during that voyage. All three episodes show that Khizar (AS) does everything on the authority of Allah. It is human nature that we become curious of something or some event and start raising questions without going deep into its meaning. The simple reason is that we lack foresightedness. We look into any matter only at superficial level. We ignore the flip side of the matter; we overlook the Divine Advice and become impatient. We should not invite doubt in matters which are happening at the will of Allah Almighty.

The comprehensive knowledge lies with Allah and we need to be patient and silent to learn a proportion of such knowledge. He distributes it among His people whatsoever He wants and whatsoever He considers beneficial for them. We can also take advice from the adventures of Zulqarnain who was given fantastic power. He constructed an Iron Wall to restrict the attacks of Yajooj Majooj-a nation that was not in a position to understand the real truth. This wall is made with Allah’s blessing and when Allah is willing, it may be destroyed. And, thus an ocean of Divine Advice lies in the verse of In-Sha-Allah. One can gain extra ordinary power after reciting ‘God Willingly’.


Allah concludes this Surah with the imperative that those who accept Islam and do good deeds, certainly they will be invited as guests in the Gardens of Al-Firdous (best part of Paradise) where they are to live forever. If all the seas and oceans are converted into ink and all the trees are changed into pens, these cannot explain the wisdom of Allah Almighty. Rather these kinds of stuff would be exhausted before the completion of praise of Allah. The Prophet (PBUH) is a human being like you but Allah’s verses are revealed on him on the basis of which we learn to practice good virtues of life.

In Surah Maryam, we learn how Allah’s kindness is showered on Zakrya (AS). We realize that there is always Divine Advice in Allah’s actions, deeds and verses. It is Allah’s Supreme Power which declares gala news of grant of a son for Hazrat Zakria (AS) and then that son (Yahya-RA) is elevated to the position of Prophet (RA) in childhood. We need to learn the lesson of obedience of a son for his father. In the miracle event of Hazrat Maryam, Allah appears to be a great Scientist and unique Creator. His supreme authority is established in this magnanimous event. We must accept that Allah has infinity power to do the same as we never thought of that.


We take the advice that the chemistry of human body and biological mechanism of every organ of our body is in the direct control of our Creator. When we make allegations on others, we are actually lacking wisdom. We must accept the supremacy of Allah. Only Divine Advice can liberate us from falling down in the slippery and sloppy road of worldly knowledge and secular wisdom. We should avoid making allegations on others without probing and understanding the matter deeply.


Truth needs not to be verbally explained; it finally speaks itself like the infant Jesus (AS) speaks that he is Allah’s being who has been made subservient to his father. Allah has granted me a Book and made me His Prophet (PBUH).  To hear this, real silence prevails. A take home advice is that we should observe silence when others do not understand our point of views. In this kind of demonstration, we may gain distinctive synergy which can be translated into the benefit of humanity.


Ibrahim (AS) is proudly saying to his father that he has found such a marvelous knowledge which you do not have. He is saying his father to follow my point of view which would direct you to the right direction. My Dear father, please avoid the worship of Satan who is the staunch disobedient of Allah. “I am afraid of the fact that you might not be friend of Satan and thus face some ruins from Allah”. We take an advice that the truth should be revealed to others even of very near and dear ones very bluntly without keeping any fear in mind.


Surah Taha is full of further Divine Advices. Allah knows each and everything-visible as well as invisible. All of His names, qualities and commands are superb and splendid. In this regard, what Allah is offering should be taken as a Master Piece of solution and strategies. There is magnificent power in His verses which take the shape of Prays (DUA) like that of Moses (RA). It reads, “My Lord, please open my chest (implicitly heart) for me, make my tasks easy for me and untie the loop of my tongue so that people could understand my talks”. With a small proportion of such a spirit, we can handle many of our social and economic challenges of individual and collective life.


Another gorgeous Divine Advice comes up in the last verse of this beautiful Para. Those who do not remember Allah and forget Him, they would have to face a tight economic situation. Exactly we are confronting the same situation in the country these days. Some of them may face a blind scenario at the Day of Judgment. On query, they would get the answer that they had ignored the Divine Advices available in Allah’s verses and in the course of history of His Special Prophets (PBUT). Even today, if we act upon Divine Advices, we may get a chance of winning miracles in our life. We may get an opportunity of conversation with Allah in our own Toor Hills if we follow Divine Advice from the core of our hearts.


Dr Abdul Saboor is Professor of Economics and Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, PMAS Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi. He can be reached atdrabdul.saboor@uaar.edu.pk