Glorious uncertainties



If you are competing for a world title you got to be at your damn-best. This is something that the Pakistani squad has never learnt. If looked at individually, most of the 15 players are there on merit – for their ability and performance. Yet a winning combination they do not make. They look to play for individual glory, statistics and to secure place for the next game. In the process the team loses one important match after the other.

Consider the 50 scored by Imamul Haq. The moment he was in 30s, he got slower and slower and was able to touch the mark by consuming as many as 72 balls; and soon after he was caught behind on a ball that could easily have been called a wide.

Conversely, look at the performance by Muhammad Amir who we had argued still has some spark left in him. His five-wicket haul at an average of 3 runs per over should be among the best bowling performances in the world cup so far yet he could not see us through the match against Australia. But one player can never take you over the line. It is always the Eleven that chip in towards achieving a victory.

Lousy and butter-fingered green-shirts dropped four catches and except for the last 15 overs their bowlers –with the exception of Amir- have been all over the place. In batting too they collapsed like a house of cards and lost a match that they could easily have won.

The team should put this match behind them and concentrate on the positives as they go in to fight the toughest of the contestants – India, the arch-rival who have remained unbeaten in the tournament so far.

The fans here can take comfort in the fact that the toughest of the teams bring out the best in us. So let’s look forward to a healthy contest on June 16.