Building Control Section demolishes 26 illegally constructed shops in Sector E-11




Capital Development Authority (CDA) and District Administration, ICT have jointly conducted anti-encroachment operation at Malpur and Muree Road and retrieved around 205 kanals state land from the illegal occupants during last three days.

CDA’s Director Enforcement and Assistant Commissioner, ICT lead the operations. During the first day of the operation, conducted by Enforcement Directorate in collaboration of ICT Administration and reserved police, 21 houses along with boundary wall, 55 rooms, 21 kitchens, 26 washrooms, which were erected on the state land, were demolished and 100 kanals state land retrieved.

On the second day 12 houses along with 35 rooms,12 kitchens and 12 washrooms which were built on the state land were demolished.

Moreover, in the area of Mulpur 13 big boundary walls constructed illegally on the state land were also demolished.

Heavy machinery has been utilized for removal of illegal construction and encroachments. Another piece of cultivated land about 15 kanals situated in same the vicinity has been retrieved by un-ploughed the illegal cultivated crops with the help of tractor.

Similarly, Building Control Section (BCS) demolished 26 illegally constructed shops in sector E-11 on Wednesday. These 26 shops were illegally constructed in violations of the building by-laws behind the Monal Marquee near Moeen Market in Sector E-11.

Another operation conducted by the Enforcement Directorate in sector G-9/1 where illegal construction was made on state land by the occupants adjacent to House No.730, Street No.45 and demolished two rooms, two washrooms and one boundary wall.