Top Railways official conceals faults in trains to malign minister



Staff Reporter


The reason for increasing accidents in Pakistan railway has been come to the surface.

Allegedly General Manager Railway, Aftab Akbar has deliberately hided the reasons of different faults in railway tracks to malign Minister for Railway.

It has been revealed in the investigation reports that owing to political differences with Federal Minister for Railways, Sheikh Rasheed, GM Railways deliberately not disclosed the faults in railway tracks which caused the recent fatal accidents.

GM Railways also manhandled media persons on inquiring about the reasons of recent accidents which caused human and property losses.

Recently four bogies of Pakistan Railway have derailed 4km away from Lahore Railway station. No causality was occurred in this incident because the speed of train was very slow. Inner sources stated that General Manger already known the track condition was faulty and he did not mention the condition of this track. When media persons asked question to Aftab he hasn’t responded and misbehave with them.

Three drivers of the Pakistan Railways (PR) have lost their lives and a guard was injured when a passenger train rammed into a coal-laden goods train about 2km away from the Hyderabad railway station. Three bogies of the freight train were derailed but none of Jinnah Express’s bogies were derailed though its engine was destroyed. A section of the railway track was damaged.

It clearly mentioned in the investigative report that General Manager Aftab Akbar was the responsible of to update the signals of Railway track but he totally unaware of this incident and committed a criminal negligence. It also stated in the report that GM Aftab has also involved in immoral activities and he totally ignored his professional duties.

When “Online” contacted to Aftab Akbar to take his viewpoint on this news story he hasn’t given any answer. He even not gave the answer of text message in this respect.