Wasa to install automatic water supply system



Staff Report


Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) is planning to automate its water supply system to improve service delivery.

The Information Technology University Lahore (ITU) team meets Chairman WASA/ RDA Muhammad Arif Abbassi and Managing Director WASA Muhammad Tanvir and gave a detail presentation on the possibilities of automation of WASA Tubewells, mini Filtration Plants and Rawal Lake Filtration Plant.

Team headed by Dr. Tauseef Tauqeer and accompanied with Dr. Rehan Hafiz and Dr. Usman Younis of ITU briefed that WASA tubewells will be automated.

An online Remote Monitoring System will be designed to operate, record the working hours of tubewell’s pumps and motors, duration of operation, water level and discharge, water quality and electricity consumption. The system will also be fruitful at mini Filtration Plants to check how much water is being supplied to the consumers,  consumers number that took water from the mini filtration plant, water quality i.e. PH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and other basic parameters of water. ITU team also told that Rawal Lake Filtration Plant will also be semi-automated and readings of inflow and outflow of water, water quality and working duration of pumps can be monitored online. They added that this system will benefit WASA in operation & maintenance of water supply system and quality control. ITU has offered a pilot project for WASA which can be replicated on entire system in future.

The Chairman, WASA appreciated the idea and said that WASA Rawalpindi will take the leadership role and will implement this project immediately. He asked MD WASA Muhammad Tanvir to start working for implementation of this project as this step will enable WASA to serve more efficiently to address the water supply problems of Rawalpindi city. MD WASA Muhammad Tanvir told that WASA has already identified 5 Nos.  mini Filtration Plants and Rawal Lake Filtration for automation and working will be started next week. MD WASA also told that WASA is keen to introduce IT Reforms in their system for better service delivery and effective monitoring.