Sanjrani finds a saviour in PML-N





Differences have emerged between two major opposition parties, Pakistan Muslim League –Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) over sending the Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani home.

Sources told Daily Morning Mail that PML-N did not want to change Sanjrani as they had good relations with him.

“Why should we change Sanjrani, he is nice person and while we don’t have any issue with him, we will not move no-confidence move against him, said PML- N parliamentary leader In Senate Mushahid ullah Khan while talking to media.

He was of the view that Senate Chairman was running house in a good way, all were happy with him, even majority of PPP did not want to change him.

It’s matter of some individuals in PPP and they are trying to gain their interests, these individuals asked Bilawal to go for change and he met with Maryam Nawaz, vice President of PML N at Raiwind and talks about the change of senate chairman but Maryam told him that this matter will be taken up to opposition all parties conference.

Sources on the other hand told that if APC agreed to change the chairman senate then PML-N would contest for this important slot and they had the view that PPP already had the slot of Senate Deputy Chairman so it was the right of PML-N to field its own candidate.

On the other hand, some PPP senators including Senate Deputy Chairman Salim Mandviwala, Raza Rabbani, Rehman Malik and Sherry Rehman were lobbying to get this slot but at the moment PML-N d0 not want to change Sanjrani.

Sources said that PTI and its allies will stand with chairman senate if any such move had been made to change the Sanjrani and PML-N may stand with Sanjrani also if they don’t reach on any consensus at APC.