PPP objects deployment of army inside polling stations



Tariq Virk


Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has expressed its concern over the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) decision to deploy the army inside the polling stations in Ghotki and erstwhile the Federally Administered Tribal Area (Fata).

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad the PPP leaders Nayyar Bukhari and Farhatullah Babar have demanded Election Commission not to deploy Army inside the polling stations in Ghotki and erstwhile Fata, if ECP unable to do so the elections would be considered as rigged.

PPP Secretary General, Nayyar Bukhari said that Army was deployed inside different polling stations in the general elections of 2018, due to which 95 percent form 45 cannot be signed by the polling agents, the forms uploaded by the ECP were fake ones.

They said that it is the prime responsibility of ECP to conduct free and transparent elections. A number of land revenue officers were arrested in Sindh to influence the election process.

PPP General Secretary, Farhatullah Babar informed the reporters that out of 290 polling stations of Ghotki 130 were declared as sensitive, so Army can be deployed. We have written a letter to Election Commission and also we are in contact with provincial office, if the army would deployed inside polling stations, the elections would not be considered as free and transparent.