No voting on no-trust motion, govt decides

Govt will not to allow voting no-trust move on Tuesday




Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani has summoned a session on July 23 on the requisition of opposition but the opposition will not be allowed to get through the no-confidence motion against chairman, sources said on Saturday.

Senate Sources told the Daily Morning Mail that the agenda for the requisition was not given by the opposition but they wanted to get pass the no-confidence motion against chairman senate. While the chairman and government have decided not to allow voting on no-confidence motion in the session. Because they think such motion could be presented in regular session that will be summoned by the President on the advice of the prime minister.

Sanjrani, in a three-page letter written to opposition, has clearly mentioned that from 10th February 2016 to date nine requisition sessions were summoned and no such motion was carried in those sessions.

Chairman said that he was fighting for the cause of upholding the majesty and supremacy   of the parliament especially the prestige of the chair by binding force of his rulings, irrespective of personalities and individuals. He told the opposition that he had already obstructed the Senate secretariat to issue a reminder to the ministry of parliamentary affairs to expedite the process of moving summery for summoning senate session for taking up motions for removal of chairman and deputy chairman.

Chairman clearly said that he was ready to face the resolution and he will but we should ensure that our conduct during this entire process does not weaken the sanctity and force of the ruling of the chair, Sadiq Sanjrani said.

He rejected the opposition allegations in letter and mentioned that he could be removed through a resolution but only in a regular session that will be summoned by the President and no-coincidence motion could not be taken up in requisition session.

Sources said that chairman may allow debate on motion against him but will not allow voting on this at all.