Crackdown against drug peddlers demanded



Staff Report


Residents of Dhoke Ratta Amral has urged the authorities concerned to take action against drug peddlers to save the young generation from the menace of addiction.

Talking to media, residents of the area said that drug peddlers were running the notorious business with impunity and drugs were being sold in open space freely urging police to take action against drug dealers.

Drug addiction among the youth was on the rise due to open sale of narcotics in the area. They demanded the authorities concerned and the police high-ups to take action against the drug-peddlers destroying lives of youths.

Meanwhile, City Police Officer (CPO) capt  Muhammad Faisal Rana has directed the SPs, SDPOs and Station House Officers (SHOs) to take strict action against drug peddlers adding that negligence would not be tolerated in this regard.

One can scarcely deny that drugs are a growing menace in our society, especially among the youth. It was at the launch ceremony in Islamabad of a child rights training programme for the police where the then State minister for interion Shehryar Afridi had said 75pc of female students and 45pc of male students in the federal capital are addicted to drugs, including crystal meth — commonly known as ice.

Surely the gravity of the situation is aptly conveyed minister