U.S. mass shootings

Hatred, gun laws to blame


A sad news flashed on the TV screens yesterday morning from the United States of America. TV channels  frantically reported a mass shooting incident in a Walmart store in El Paso in the southern state of Texas just on the border with Mexico. According to the initial reports by the state officials, as many as 20 people were killed and dozens injured as 21-year-old white male from the state of Texas opened indiscriminate fire on the shoppers.

A statement posted on social media purportedly belonging to the shooting suspect says that the attack was a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas.

Separately, in Ohio, another mass shooting incident occurred a little later according to initial reports nine people were killed and more than a dozen were injured. The shooter in this case has been killed.

A democratic presidential candidate issued a statement saying that President Trump is responsible for spreading hate among the people. President Trump has openly been saying that the four women senators of foreign origin, labeled by him as ‘squad,’ to go back to the places they came from. The president is also adamant on building a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border where there is already a large scale migrant crisis in the border area.

Such incidents could also be attributed to weak gun laws in the country. It looks the country has not learned from its mistakes, the country in the recent years probably has seen the most – and worst -number of such cases, and every time when there was a call for stricter gun laws, lobbies concerned came forward and thwarted any such attempts. The U.S. probably has the highest per capita guns in the world. It has a lesson in how the New Zealand prime minister has dealt with a shooting incident in her country if it wants it redressed.