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Now that India has moved the bill in the Lower of the parliament and is apparently unstoppable unless of course the India Supreme Court comes in to declare the abrogation of Article 370 null and void there is no way that Modi government will not move ahead with its plan on IoK. This was one of its major election promises to the Indian electorate who have voted him in with a majority greater than the earlier elections.

Moreover as Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had said while speaking to a group of foreign journalists just a day before the Lok Sabha elections that Kashmir issue stands a better chance of being resolved if BJP was in government. This assertion was in part due to the right wing support that the BJP enjoys. Unfortunately, for the Kashmiri people, there is a ground swell of support for the BJP agenda in India. This support base will rather be an impediment in the way of Modi government if it backtracks on the recent move.

Under the circumstances it is imperative for Pakistan, the sole supporter of the Kashmiri cause, to, in the words of Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed, declare a diplomatic emergency, talk to the United Nations, the OIC and the Big Five in the Security Council. According to the senator, this is not merely between the two countries; this is about peace and stability of the whole region. Even peace in Afghanistan is linked with peace in Kashmir.

It is encouraging to note that OIC meeting is being held today where foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi is participating.

At home, the top military brass took note of the situation and held the Corps commanders Conference. A joint session of the parliament was also summoned. Surprisingly the resolution did not mention the Article 370 and the opposition not only reminded the government of their glaring omission in the resolution, it boycotted the session and raised hue and cry to jolt the government out of its stupor, for changing the status of the Line of Control into a permanent border through the scraping of the Article 370 is no small matter.

If Pakistan lets the aggressive and belligerent India go ahead with its designs on Kashmir, no one knows what would happen to the hapless Kashmiri Muslims who are at the forefront of the resistance movement for over seventy years now.

The high powered US delegation under the leadership of Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs Ambassador Alice Wells is in Islamabad. That she is here at this critical juncture cannot be a mere coincidence. Pakistan should look to maximize the benefit of her presence. So no holds barred on the diplomatic front, for Pakistan.