So much for unity

‘Accountability’ drive is back




The proverbial ink on the parliamentary resolution against the Indian action in Indian Occupied Kashmir had hardly dried when the knives were out on both sides of the aisles. While there were differences of opinion on how the government should have moved against India, there was a general consensus to send a strong message to the world that the political community in Pakistan was one as far as the issue of Kashmir was concerned. But the government, jittery and confused in its moves, did not even let the opposition have this much leeway that it air its differences.

It was observed that members on the Treasury benches were on the edges of their seats when the opposition ranks had the floor. There were frequent interruptions except only when the said resolution was being moved and voted on.

Separately the prime minister’s assistant on accountability Shehzad Akbar held a press conference incriminating the members of the Sharif family and Khursheed Shah of PPP.  On Thursday, PMLN vice president Maryam Nawaz Sharif and her cousin were arrested by the National Accountability Staff as the former was at Kot Lakhpat Jail to meet her incarcerated father.

The opposition that was exercising restraint in the joint session  in view of the sensitive situation, upon hearing the news of the arrest, boycotted the session and there was furore outside the parliament.

Does the government think that it no longer requires support from the opposition now that it has resorted to old raga of them being corrupt from top to toe? What was the hurry to make such a high profile arrest without a formal charge sheet? The government obviously cannot obviate itself of what the NAB is up to. It claims to have provided further ‘proofs of corruption’ to the anti-graft watchdog.

Earlier when the PMLN was holding rallies in Punjab there were voices on the media calling out Maryam Nawaz for ignoring a critical national issue. She was also asked to suspend her campaign till there was a tangible progress on the Kashmir. One wonders, what would be the advice now for the government that could not tolerate a few hours of criticism.

Pakistan already is in hot waters. And in the words of a senator needs to launch a diplomatic offensive to counter the Indian move. The government should focus its energies towards that goal, leaving the accountability to the institutions concerned.