Modi and the razor wire


By Wasib Imdad

Seventy two years since Kashmir has been one of the most tribulated places on earth. It’s been 72 years that the people of Kashmir yearn for what we call a normal day, a day when innocent blood doesn’t drop on the land, a dawn where fires don’t interrupt the morning bird, a noon when pellets aren’t hurled, an evening when honors aren’t japed and a night when grenades, plopped, don’t light it up.

Let’s talk the pre-Pulwama sitch; to have a better grasp of the current wave of abnormality that has just hit our shores. So Modi had plans; elections were looming upon, he got hold of the mantra to drive the public to stuff up the ballot boxes and double his span in the office; that is to bile against Pakistan. Suddenly a shonky Pulwama attack belched, the puny Indian narrative on it was questioned from all across but to no avail. The Rafale stung premier got an antidote and conned the public by dressing up as a ‘chowkidar’. His popularity graph surged from 46% to 67% overnight; he aced the polls, dangled the PM’s revolving chair and returned to his plans.

He had these plans since 37 years from today; the day he entered politics. He had them straight, from milking tea in the streets on Vadnagar to being just another slogan chanting BJP worker, always has he talked about subsuming Kashmir into India and scraping the Article 35A and 370 of its constitution, which gives a separate assembly, flag and an identity to the Kashmiris. Many say that after Pulwama, Modi had conveyed to America and global political players that he is doing so. It is now when he has done so, when people on both sides of the border are thinking about what comes next?

Many may state Pakistan’s response as very watchful and cautious thus being delayed. The joint session of the Parliament was marred by the sully local politics; production orders, whines of thief traitor-traitor thief and point scoring hooliganism. The real state response, however, came from two meetings of National Security Committee chaired by Imran Khan and the Corps Commander Conferences headed by General Bajwa. It however is ostensible that Pakistan has decided to play its pawns wisely else gear up for getting checkmated.

There are several things to cogitate upon. We are on the verge of getting blacked by the Financial Action Task Force who so far hasn’t seemed impressed by our hasty steps. India sits on a major chair in its Asia Pacific Group. We are on the ventilator of the US backed International Monetary Fund or we will lose our breath to a financial emergency. Our strategic location is vital; we have to cope with our troubled neighborhood and advance with the CPEC. Many may think that this current Hitler Modi’s Nazi-BJP stroke may just be another American stratagem to pave up their Afghan exit. Once we ask Trump to walk his mediation talks, he may start his ‘you do first’ rant.

So far the cards of suspension of trade, cutting down on diplomatic ties, going to the United Nations with our case of Kashmir have been evinced. Next may be closing the Pakistani airspace for any Indian plane, taking the cries of Kashmir to the International Court of Justice, withdrawing support for India to not get the permanent United Nations Security Council chair.

The Indian public, well programmed by Arnab Goswami and many of his doppelgängers, think that Kashmiri’s have welcomed the decision of riff-raffing the Article 370 and are now gawping for industries to be set up and capital generating opportunities to be created. A video of the National Security Advisor Ajit doval, who can be seen sharing a meal and conversing with 3 people in the streets of Jammu and then reporting back that people are in peace and are welcoming the change, may just sound more frivolous than predicting a winner in a game on repeat telecast.

I wonder why the public of the largest democracy in the world is not questioning the Delhi government on the mass brutalities in the valley, the 8 lakh armed personnel and the longest curfew that has been imposed by them. If the decision is so propitious, why has the internet, telephone and all sorts of communication service been cut off? What keeps the Modi government so petrified?

Questions need to be asked that Indians are urged to buy lands in Kashmir by the Modi Sarkaar but why can’t any Indian buy lands in areas like Himachal, Sikkim, Arunachal, Nagaland, Mizoram and Manipur? Plus, why can’t they travel to Arunachal, Mizoram and Nagaland without the inner line permit? Why is all the haste for Kashmir? If I can, why can’t they remember that the Indian Supreme Court in the ‘SBI v Gupta’ case held that the President cannot abolish Article 370 without a recommendation from the Kashmir State Assembly? It further states that even when the assembly stands dissolved and the valley is placed under the Governor’s rule, the Article 370 still can’t be repealed.

For India it’s about the land of Kashmir not the Kashmiris. For Pakistan, as the PM said in his America visit, what more important was what the Kashmiris want. It is Kashmir that brings out the strongest of the protests out of us Pakistanis. Be it the rightists or the leftists, no one believes in leaving out Kashmiri’s alone. It is only Pakistan with who the Kashmiris see their heart beating. Despite the communication blockade, protests have broken out. There has been a strong Pakistan siding response from Britain, Malaysia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia on Delhi’s latest move. Modi will fall off the razor wire he is walking upon.

The exports increased by 14.24% in the past month while the imports saw a decline by a whopping 18.4%, and the current account deficit stayed the lowest in the past 4 years. Some may quiz me on why I slid off topic, but since it’s the green August, let’s have something to cheer about!


 The writer is an Islamabad based broadcast Journalist. He tweets @wasib25