President for highlighting importance of Eid ul Azha’s message



Staff Report


President Dr Arif Alvi while congratulating the whole Muslim Ummah on the Eid ul Azha, stressed upon understanding the hidden significance of selflessness and sacrifices associated with the auspicious Islamic occasion.

The president, in his message on the Eid ul Azha being observed across the country on Sunday, said there had always been the need to highlight the sublime desire of sacrifice, but in the present day, its importance had increased manifold.

He stressed that the Muslims had to rise above the personal and factional interests. The achievement of the highest human objectives through sacrifices had been the crux of Islamic teachings and the basic part of the life of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), he added.

The president noted that the universal Islamic teachings also possessed solution to the present day’s issues being confronted by the country.

He called upon the countrymen to play their role in the national development by promoting the highest qualities of brotherhood, tolerance, equality and patience.

President Alvi said the day reminded the Muslims about the huge sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS), who had presented his beloved son Hazrat Ismail (AS) for sacrifice on the direction of Allah Almighty. This act was highly acknowledged to such an extent that it was given a status of religious ritual among the Muslims every year.

He said the day would always serve as beacon of light for the world and gave a message to the Muslims that they should be ready to offer their precious things even their sibling for seeking the favour and delight of Almighty Allah.

The president also prayed for the understanding of the real purpose of this huge religious occasion by fully reaping its blessings.