Weekly Reflections; The spirit of sacrifice


Dr. Abdul Saboor

Today is being specially commemorated to revive the true spirit of sacrifice. This spirit is the hall mark of humanity which may change the human character at individual level and thus shape national character at macro level. The Day is quite precious for us to recollect and remind the way some special Messengers of Allah (PBUT) bowed their heads before the Creator unconditionally. Sacrificing one’s life for a great cause is the marvelous and magnanimous character of human being that has always been cherished in the domain of history. Some lay down their life for the sanctity and survival of their countrymen while others never hesitate to surrender before death for living an eternal life and that too for Allah’s happiness.

There are many dimensions of sacrifice each of which has its own unique feature. The spirit of sacrifice is by default chipped in some corner of our mind. Its waves are circulating in the chemical and physical cells of our body in the shape of ‘God Particles’. Some of us activate it with conscious efforts while others keep it dormant. We may sacrifice for gaining peace and prosperity in our mind. We sacrifice our time and energy for our children so that they could lead a progressive and prosperous life. Some of us sacrifice for we have observed our forefathers devoting their lives for our sake. At some particular occasion, we are ready to surrender everything before the will of Allah to win His blessings and bounties. This is the true spirit which needs to be revived in the present era of crisis. Let us do something good in these lines.

Whenever nations are entangled and entrapped in the crucial and critical situations, it becomes imperative for every individual to surrender his personal wills and wishes and contribute in the domain of sacrifice for achieving the big goals of life. Pakistan is undoubtedly confronting a crisis situation of its adverse nature both at national and intentional levels. At national level, we are to handle the economic, judicial, legislative, political, and social perplexes and puzzles while at international level we are to enhance our diplomatic strength particularly in the perspective of Kashmir issue. To address all these challenges and issues, we will have to demonstrate an unswerving spirit of sacrifice. Let us take a start with full grit and determination.

Whatsoever is the sacrifice and whatsoever is the good purpose of any particular sacrifice, the process is quite simple and straight forward. The first important thing is to take care of our soul or spirit through the agency of good deeds. There is typical ‘dietary’ requirement of our soul which is to be maintained on regular basis. Positive thinking and affection for others are the ‘favorite dishes’ of our soul. We are to avoid the poison of animosity, hypocrisy and jealousy. When spirit takes the meal of optimism through moral filters, it gains strength and a soothing effect that ultimately makes the heart spiritually charged. Once the heart is spiritually activated through this process, it sends positive signals to the brain for doing something extra ordinary and thus one gets ready to sacrifice for a great cause. Let us activate the spiritual software of our body.

The spirit of sacrifice saves us from many worries. Allama Iqbal in his Allahabad Address rightly argued that whenever there has been some tough and turbulence time on the Muslim Ummah, it is the Islam that saved the Muslims rather than the Muslims who saved Islam. So, today again the Islamic principles and human values being so natural can serve the purpose of rescuing of Muslim Ummah from the gauge mire of crises. One can rightly claim that the spirit of sacrifice being unmatchable instrument can protect the humanity in general and Muslims in particular from the unrest of individual and collective life. In this way, it is our human obligation to revive this spirit of sacrifice in all fields of life. And we should be thankful to all soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the security and stability of Pakistan.

Another dimension of sacrifice is to forgo all the dreams and wishes for the best interest of humanity. Serving once whole life for the welfare of others is the highly demanded spirit in the world today. We must realize that service of man is the service of God. The best service would be in the strength and spirit of sacrificing one’s luxury life for chasing a livable life for the poor who could fulfill their basic necessities of life. Living for oneself is a common practice but living for others is the great gesture of grace and glory. Without this majestic gesture, the survival of humanity would be at stake. Let us start work diligently in this direction.

The spirit of sacrifice depends on the very intention of a person. If the aim and intention is truly pure and only for Allah’s RAZA, then miracles are created but if it is just for show-off purposes, then the hidden targets of sacrifice cannot be achieved. In the sacrifice attempts of HABEEL, there was pure intention of making Allah happy while in QABEEL’s case, the objective was merely to gain popularity. In the former case, both popularity and Allah’s pleasure was finally achieved. In the latter’s case, nothing but jealousy was the outcome that ultimately caused the first murder of human history. It is important to note that when spirit of sacrifice is revived, we gain marvelous strength and stamina to face any hurdle that comes in the way of demonstrating that spirit.

In this regard, every act of sacrifice should be focused for gaining Allah’s pleasure. When such is the situation, the pain of sacrifice is beautifully converted into peace. One stands in front of death with a smiling face. The son (Ismail) is saying to father (Ibrahim) to please exercise this Will of Allah without any fear and hesitation. Son’s spirit is marvelously superior to that of any sacrifice in the human history. It is not the single person who is determining true leadership rather the whole humanity can take proud of this act. And to enjoy the blessings of Allah, we will have to continue the spirit of sacrifice in all walks of life in the same fashion as that of Allah’s messengers and pious people. Let us join hands to demonstrate true spirit of sacrifice.

Today there is a dire need for the revival of spirit of sacrifices among the masses particular those who are serving in leadership positions. The true leadership should be depicted in their demonstration of sacrifice rather than expecting the same from others. When leaders are ready to surrender all of their happiness and personal benefits for the sake of humanity, they not only win the heart of public but earn a good name in history as well. All the great leaders of the world have been following the codes of sacrifice in their governance pattern. Allah never disappoints His people who take initiatives in establishing a devoted and dedicated life. Let us pledge together today for that mission so that the country makes progress by leaps and bounds.