Reaffirming support

Singing from same songsheet




This Independence Day, the whole country reverberated with the messages of solidarity for the Jammu and Kashmir. In their respective messages, President Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Imran Khan called for unity and harmony in order to be able to face the challenges and issues confronted by the country.

The president said “this day reinvigorates the spirit of patriotism and strengthens the passion to take the national flag to further heights.” He said “the day reminds us of the unmatched sacrifices rendered by our forefathers to protect and safeguard our religious, cultural and social values.”

India has the Jammu and Kashmir valley under the curfew for ninth consecutive day. It already has violated the United Nations resolutions and the Simla Agreement by unilaterally scraping the article 370 from its constitution that gave the state a special status.

Separately, the Prime Minister Imran Khan said India’s tyranny and recent events in IoK reinforced the ‘Two-Nation Theory’. “Though it is a day to rejoice and celebrate, we feel saddened to see our Kashmiri brethren in IoK being subjected to the worst kind of oppression and ruthless state terrorism,” said the premier. Yesterday the premier was in Muzaffarabad to address the AJK assembly and he reiterated his message of support from Pakistan.

Today the whole nation is united in observing the India’s independence day as a black day to remind the world of India’s inhuman actions in the valley.

The PM also referred to the vision of  Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah of a progressive Pakistan “where one could lead one’s life in accordance with the golden tenets of Islam, a state where democratic norms could flourish and rule of law prevailed, and where compassion characterised the bonds between the state and citizens.”

This last bit of what Jinnah envisioned for Pakistan and what we have made of it is something that has received the least attention from us Pakistanis. It is a long haul and to an extent links with the Kashmir question as well. Vibrant democratic traditions, politically stable environment and economic viability are the major ingredients that could lead us in that direction.