Black Day observed in KSA




Kashmiri and Pakistanis community has observed Indian Independence Day as black day because of Indian atrocities in Jeddah KSA which was observed throughout world. The Jammu Kashmir Community Overseas Jeddah gathered Peoples from All Walk of Life  in Jeddah to show solidarity with Suppressed Kashmiri  brothers and sisters, event was organized by Jammu Kashmir overseas community.Presided by Sardar Ishfaq and Raja Pervez.

Prominent Hurriyat  leader social and political figure of Pakistan Mr. Altaf Ahmed Bhat was chief guest and former president of Azad Jammu and Kashmir  Sarder M Yaqoob  was guest of honor,

Mr. Altaf Ahmed Bhat has said that modi and his hindvata doctrine would  never bow downs Kashmiri,s nor crush The freedom moment and they would  never change the status of Kashmir.Mr.Bhat appeal to the crown prince of KSA Muhammad Bin Sulman(MBS), that Saudi Government should interfere in Kashmir crises and Pressurized New Delhi to lift  curfew. He said as a custodian of two holy mosques, Saudi Arabia has a responsibility to play its vital role for Kashmir’s freedom. He said MBS should set aside Business matters and rise a strong voice about Kashmir, its compulsion of India to trade with RIAZ nor the Saudi Arabia, If MBS could not support for kashmiris freedom at least he should support them for sake of Humanity,

Mr.Bhat has said that Kashmiris are looking towards towards Muslim Umah especially to Saudi Arabia and its Government,Today the cordons Kashmiris families are facing shortage of food, milk and medicines for adult and babies.

Former President AJK Sardar Yaqoob has also address the community , at this occasion Mr.Shiekh Shabbir, Shakeel Shah, Shafeq Butt, Khursheed Ahmad ,Faisal Naqashbandi and other were also present.