PM Secretariat’s peon hostages police to save criminal brother



Staff Report


A peon of Prime Minister Secretariat has made the federal police hostage to save the skin of his criminal brother. In the company of a notorious clique, Peon also managed to succeed to get a false medical certificate of fracture for his brother Adil who recently snatched by force two valuable parrots from a businessman of Aabpara Market by influencing the Poly Clinic doctors through a call of high official of the Prime Minister House.

Previously Prime Minister House Peon Bilal’s brother Adil has been involved in the several violent incidents of hooliganisms. The members of Adil’s clique are under arrest for the theft of mobile cells. According to details, the real face of neutrality to provide justice to the masses by the federal police has come to light when the Peon of Prime Minister Secretariat from another high profile officer of the Prime Minister Secretariat gave a call from the government number and hushed up the police.

A brother of the Peon Bilal, who performs duties of Naib Qasid in the Prime Minister house, is also doing a small business of cell phones outside a shop and is notorious for his unruly behaviour and use to tease business community time and again.

According to a case No251 registered in Police station Aabpara on August 3 the accused Adil along with his other accomplices Amin Yusuf, Zeeshan and Adil himself have taken away by force two valuable parrots from the shop of Saghir Ahmad and upon resistance they seriously wounded Saghir Ahmad and his two brothers Abdul Aziz and Abdul Hafeez using iron rods and steel punches. By the time the police arrived Adil and his companions managed to flee from the scene taking with them the shirt of Saghir Chaudhry, purse inside and cash.Aabpara police in preliminary action has arrested the accused Adil and co-accused Amin Yusuf. Being holidays 3 and 4 August Peon Bilal could not take further action.

However, on 5 August he again succeeded to get through on line a high up of Prime Minister Secretariat and high ranking officer of federal police then all of a sudden the direction of the police investigation has drastically changed. After that the arrested accuse Adil and Amin Yusuf were given VIP protocol and shifted to the room of Sharif Khalid who was deputed for investigation and provided comfortable bedding and served with standard foods. Instead of recovering the valuable parrots and arms used in the attack police gave a statement in the court to save the accused that the petitioners are not interested to pursue the case. Upon this Saghir Ahmad protested in the court.  But due to the collusion of police with the accused, first of all they were made judicial and then after two days released on bail. Following this under the influence of Peon Bilal police made a false medical certificate of Adil.

On this matter Peon Bilal again managed to call through government VIP Phone number and got false medical certificate. He also got cross complaint registered against the complainant. On contact, the complainant in this case Saghir Ahmad told that they have been informed by Investigation Officer ASI Sharif Khalid that they have been coerced and forced by the Prime Minister Secretariat high officials to change the direction of the investigation.

On the other hand upon contact with Ahmad Hassan Private Secretary of Prime Minister Secretariat high official informed and they confessed that Peon Bilal showed them a video to win their sympathies. And in this context if petitioner submitted another application then they will investigate the matter.  It is made crystal clear that reliable sources have revealed that a well-trained and organized clique of Peons and other likeminded persons are active to call the top police officials in various districts of the country and get issued the letter to change the direction of the investigation.

In addition to this in collusion with letters are issued to the heads of WAPDA, OGDL and other departments to earn in corruption millions of rupees.

The petitioner in this case Saghir Ahmad claimed that he will provide witnesses very soon against this cleque of peons through media and will send to the Prime Minister.